Ukrainian Summit in Switzerland to open path for involving russian representatives in negotiations – Bloomberg 06/05/2024 10:07:52. Total views 380. Views today — 3.

At the Peace Summit, attention will be focused on three points of the Ukrainian formula to build trust with russia and eventually involve it in negotiations. This information comes from a preliminary draft decision of the upcoming summit, Bloomberg reports, according to Lb.ua.

Among the main issues to be discussed at the international event are nuclear safety, food security, and the return of abducted Ukrainian children.

"Therefore, we agreed to take concrete steps that could become trust-building measures on the aforementioned issues, with the subsequent involvement of representatives of the Russian Federation", - the document states, which may be amended during negotiations.

The draft outlines three main issues:

- Nuclear energy facilities must be safe, and any threat of nuclear weapon use is unacceptable. Nuclear facilities, particularly the Zaporizhzhia NPP, must operate under Ukrainian control and in accordance with principles established by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

- Food security should not be weaponized and must be guaranteed by free navigation in the Black and Azov Seas. Ukraine should have access to third parties for its agricultural products.

- All prisoners of war must be released, including children and civilian adults.

The project, which states that the path to peace must align with the United Nations Charter, includes plans for a second summit.