Instead of assistance from "great russia" party, Khusnullin advised "LNR" leaders to "maximize the potential of local producers" (PHOTO) 06/03/2024 13:06:16. Total views 336. Views today — 2.

To address the problems of the occupied territories of the Luhansk oblast, parts of which have been in decline since 2014 and others nearly destroyed after 2022, the russian authorities have suggested "maximizing the potential of local producers". This was stated by russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin following a meeting with "LNR" leader Leonid Pasechnik on June 2, as Khusnullin wrote on Telegram.

"One of the priority tasks here is to maximize the potential of local producers", - Khusnullin said.

This response came after the Luhansk collaborators proposed implementing joint initiatives with russian authorities related to the economy, restarting Luhansk enterprises, repairing roads, social infrastructure projects, developing housing and communal services, and improving the banking sector, according to Luhansk Oblast State Administration head Artem Lysohor.