Payette assures that US sanctions against Russia will act 07/07/2016 19:13:50. Total views 1139. Views today — 1.

He said that in an interview with Novoye Vremya, - reports UNIAN.

"I will surely say that US sanctions will not be lifted. Crimea sanctions will remain unchanged until Crimea is registered as illegally occupied territory - the US position is stable and rigid here. As for the sanctions, adopted in response to territorial aggression in Donbass, they are still bound to the full fulfillment of the articles of the Minsk agreements,"- said Payette.

He said he did not agree with the statement that "sanctions have not stopped Russia".

US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Payette stressed that US sanctions against Russia would not be lifted.

"Even today Russia has to pay for the war due to the fall of the economy. Crimea doesn’t have a better life and in the occupied territories of Donbass there is a disaster which Russia also pays from its budget through so-called humanitarian aid. We do not know the numbers, but it is millions of dollars. Russia loses much due to sanction, and time is not on the side of the Kremlin," - said the diplomat.

Payette believes that the most important reason which may affect the countries of Europe and motivate the extension of sanctions against Russia is "to remind constantly what sanctions are tied to."

"They are tied not only to the actions of Kiev, but to aggressive actions of the Kremlin. It means that it does not matter that what Ukraine did but what Russia hasn’t still fulfilled and because of what the sanctions were originally imposed," - he said.

According to the ambassador, the United States clearly have indicated that the sanctions will be extended and that they are ready to discuss additional sanctions if the military confrontation in Donbass worsens.