There is evidence of bombing Luhansk villages from the Russian Federation – IPHR report 07/07/2016 16:06:48. Total views 1748. Views today — 0.

International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR) showed evidence of of bombing a number of villages in Luhansk region from the territory of Russia in the summer of 2014. It is stated in the report of the human rights organization, - reports DW.com.

The report presents evidence of illegal crossing of the Russian-Ukrainian border by militants from the Russian Federation, as well as provides data on settlements of Luhansk region shelled across the border from location of units of the Armed Forces of the RF on the Russian territory.

In particular, the report referred to the bombing of Kolesnikovka, Kamyshnaya, Melovoye and Pobeda in the summer of 2014.

Human rights activists hope that their report will help to bring to justice those who gave the criminal orders.

"We show the facts of crossing the Ukrainian border by RF military, i.e. manpower, as well as helicopters and armored personnel carriers. under international law, it is a sign of the international military conflict. In this case, it is the direct involvement of the Russian Federation," - explained Coordinator of the IPHR field mission in Ukraine Svetlana Valko in the commentary to DW.

She added that all the evidence would be sent to international courts to help victims of the conflict to protect their rights.

According to Valko, the investigation was based on the testimony of witnesses and victims, as well as data collected during field observations. IPHR also used the satellite images with which Bellingcat experts previously worked, and data collected by the OSCE observers.