Sufficient resolve needed from world leaders: Zelensky commented on russian strike on the Kharkiv oblast (VIDEO) 05/24/2024 12:46:05. Total views 294. Views today — 1.

Commenting on the strike russian occupiers carried out on the Kharkiv oblast on May 23, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that "sufficient resolve" from world leaders is necessary to end russian terror. This was mentioned in an English-language video posted by Zelensky on his Telegram channel on May 24.

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"Yesterday's russian strike on the Kharkiv oblast, which resulted in deaths and injuries, destroyed a printing house, and burned 50,000 books, demonstrates that russia is waging war against humanity and all aspects of normal life. Russian terrorists are killing adults and children, destroying cities and villages, leaving scorched marks where there once was normal life. russian terror must be defeated. And for this, only one thing is needed - the resolve of world leaders. Sufficient resolve", - Zelensky stated in the message.

He emphasized that to counter russian terror, there is a need for "sufficient air defense for Ukrainian cities and communities, sufficient long-range capabilities for our warriors, and sufficiently bold political decisions".