Russian public figure "confused" the sides, claiming that the blooming Bakhmut was destroyed not by the russian occupiers, but by the AFU (PHOTO) 05/22/2024 15:17:55. Total views 263. Views today — 1.

Alexander Malkevich, co-chairman of the so-called "Coordination Council for the Integration of New Subjects of russia" at the Public Chamber of russia, told Donetsk journalists that it was the Ukrainian Armed Forces who were responsible for the destruction of Bakhmut, not russian occupiers.

"Artemovsk (Bakhmut – ed) is a symbol of what the AFU does to peaceful cities", - he stated.

In reality, it was the russian forces who systematically subjected Bakhmut to artillery and rocket bombardments and massive aerial bombings during their assault.

Ukrainian Bakhmut before the arrival of the "russian world" 

  Ukrainian Bakhmut after its "liberation" by russian occupiers