In occupied Crimea, security forces broke into home of a couple listening to Ukrainian songs (VIDEO) 05/22/2024 12:23:59. Total views 155. Views today — 2.

In occupied Yevpatoria (Autonomous Republic of Crimea), russian security forces broke into the home of Olena and Oleksandr Avdiivy through a window and beat them for listening to Ukrainian music. The pro-putin Telegram channel "Crimean SMERSH" published the corresponding videos.

Neighbors likely reported the couple, complaining that the Avdiivy "terrorized" them with "Nazi slogans". In the first video, a woman's voice can be heard saying, "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! Death to the muscovites!"

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In the second video, the occupiers break into the Avdiivy's window and beat them with their feet. "Crimean SMERSH" notes that Oleksandr Avdiiv has been detained and that the issue of opening a criminal case is being considered.

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On May 21 alone, the pro-putin channel reported four stories of residents in occupied Crimea being detained for daring to call russia a Nazi state and supporting Ukraine.