Estonian Prime Minister: NATO countries have already begun training Ukrainian soldiers in Ukraine 05/20/2024 13:30:03. Total views 191. Views today — 0.

Some NATO countries have started training Ukrainian military personnel within Ukraine. Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas stated this in an interview with the Financial Times, as reported by The Moscow Times Telegram channel.

"There are countries that are already training Ukrainian soldiers on the battlefield", - she said.

Kallas noted that these countries are doing so at their own risk. If a russian shell hits the instructors, it will not trigger NATO's Article 5, which provides for collective defense in the event of an attack on a member of the alliance.

"I can't imagine that if someone gets hurt there, those who sent their people will say, 'This is Article 5. Let's strike russia'. It doesn't work that way, not automatically. Such fears are unfounded. If you send your people to help Ukrainians, you know that there is a war in the country, and you are entering a risk zone", - she added.

Kallas emphasized that for Estonia to begin training Ukrainian soldiers, Tallinn must obtain parliamentary approval. "These are open public debates, but I think we should not rule anything out at this point", - said the prime minister.

It has been reported that Estonia is considering sending troops to Ukraine for "support operations".