Groysman and "tariff protesters" have formed a new agreement between trade unions and government 07/06/2016 18:34:40. Total views 1631. Views today — 0.

The meeting of Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman and representatives of trade unions of Ukraine was held openly and productively. It was stated by Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman at today's Cabinet meeting, - reports the correspondent of OstroV.

"There has been a meeting with representatives of the trade unions. I want to say that it was a very productive meeting, very frank and productive, where we considered the state of affairs in the country, including exchanging views on solving the most pressing problems. I would like to say that now there are people in Kiev who came from the territory of different regions of Ukraine to express their views, thoughts and did it on their own ... We discussed everything, including the formation of a new general agreement between trade unions and government which, I think, will be adopted in the near future," - he said.

According to him, all parties came to the conclusion during the meeting that the most important thing today was the development of the national economy, national production and increase of salaries and pensions through the budget.

As previously reported, many thousands of representatives of trade unions of Ukraine held a protest today in Kiev against the increase in utility tariffs and for higher salaries.