Concrete "dragon's teeth" are simoly piled up in the Kharkiv oblast, the defensive line was never built – DeepState 05/15/2024 10:36:49. Total views 429. Views today — 1.

In the border village of Lyptsi in the Kharkiv oblast, thousands of concrete pyramids have been piled up on the roadside, which were supposed to be used to construct a defensive line. This is reported by the Ukrainian analytical project DeepState.

"The engineering and fortification preparation of the Kharkiv oblast. In the photos – the outskirts of Lyptsi and a gift from Ukrainian taxpayers to the enemy. According to the fighters, these barriers have been lying idle since the summer of 2023", - the statement said.

In the photos confirming this information, the "dragon's teeth" are seen lying in disorderly piles by the road and, naturally, cannot obstruct the movement of russian military equipment.

"We will not draw conclusions; let the commission do that, which will consider the conscientiousness of the contractors who built the defensive structures and the responsible persons who should oversee the control", - the DeepState statement said.

As reported earlier, on May 10, a massive offensive began on the Kharkiv front. Ukrainian defense units are forced to retreat to "more advantageous positions". Russian media outlets report, in particular, that russian forces are storming the last Ukrainian Armed Forces stronghold on the northern approaches to Lyptsi.