Khodakovsky doesn't know how to raise russian youth, but plans to cultivate a "new generation" from the Ukrainian one. Those who disagree will either be imprisoned or deported 04/23/2024 17:00:04. Total views 327. Views today — 0.

Alexander Khodakovsky, the founder of the terrorist battalion "Vostok", outlined a scenario for the genocide of the Ukrainian people in the event of russia's victory in the war against Ukraine.

"Yesterday, I was asked a question: how will we live with them?" - he outlined the problem of potential coexistence of mythical "winners" and "losers" in his Telegram channel. "We will manage", - the militant assured.

"The majority are ordinary people who are primarily interested in social conditions. The uncompromising ones will reveal themselves and will be deported or isolated - depending on the severity of their actions", - he pointed out ways to normalize the situation.

Khodakovsky did not specify how many Ukrainians would be forced to leave their homes or sent to concentration camps. However, judging by the conclusions of the militant, a large part of the young Ukrainians will have to be "deported or isolated". "And to replace the already formed youth, we will raise new generations...", - he dreams.

Here, however, Khodakovsky admits, "the main question arises: in the spirit of what will we raise them?"

"Do we even know how to raise our own youth?" - he quips bitterly.