Ukrainian MFA prohibited consular services abroad for men of conscription age 04/23/2024 10:07:22. Total views 184. Views today — 0.

Starting from tomorrow, all Ukrainian consulates will cease providing services to men of conscription age, according to a letter signed by the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Andriy Sybiha, reports ZN.UA.

As of April 23, it will only be possible to process documents for returning to Ukraine.

"In accordance with points 6 and 16 of the first part of Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine 'On the Legal Regime of Martial Law', due to the ongoing large-scale armed aggression of the russian federation against Ukraine, with the aim of preventing Ukrainian citizens from evading the obligation to resolve the issue of military registration with territorial recruitment and social support centers and having military registration documents, I hereby temporarily suspend consular actions on applications from male Ukrainian citizens aged 18 to 60", - the letter signed by Sybiha states.

It is noted that only consular actions related to the issuance of identity documents for return to Ukraine will be possible.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs directive is effective "until additional clarifications are received regarding the application of the provisions of the Law of Ukraine on strengthening mobilization, which was promulgated on April 17 and will come into force in May".

Points 6 and 16 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Legal Regime of Martial Law", referred to by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provide:

6) establish, in the manner determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, a special regime of entry and exit, restrict the freedom of movement of citizens, foreigners, and stateless persons, as well as the movement of vehicles;

16) prohibit citizens registered with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine, or the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine from changing their place of residence without the permission of the military commissar or the head of the relevant authority of the Security Service of Ukraine or the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine; restrict the passage of alternative (non-military) service.