Zelensky held a meeting on security situation and inspected fortification construction in the Donetsk oblast (VIDEO) 04/19/2024 14:16:28. Total views 292. Views today — 0.

On April 19th, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky held a meeting on the security situation in the Donetsk oblast. This was reported by the President's Office.

Commander of the operational and strategic grouping of troops Hortytsia Yurii Sodol reported on the operational situation in the area of responsibility, particularly on the defense of Chasiv Yar. He also informed about the main needs of military units.

Head of Donetsk Oblast Military Administration Vadym Filashkin reported on the elimination of the consequences of russian shelling and restoration of water supply in settlements. He also talked about ensuring education in the region and building school shelters. Additionally, Vadym Filashkin noted that Donetsk OMA, together with other regions and the State Agency for Infrastructure Reconstruction and Development, are constructing the third line of defense in the region.

Heads of the Security Service and National Police departments reported on counterintelligence work and the criminal situation in the region.

Also, Volodymyr Zelensky inspected the progress of fortification construction in the Donetsk oblast.

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He examined firing positions, protective reinforced concrete structures, trenches, observation posts, and non-explosive barriers.