SBU reported suspicion against Margarita Simonyan for inciting genocide of Ukrainians 04/01/2024 15:58:55. Total views 109. Views today — 2.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has reported suspicion against the russian propagandist Simonyan, who called for the killing of Ukrainian children. This was stated in the Telegram channel of the agency on April 1.

"The Security Service of Ukraine has documented new crimes of the russian propagandist Margarita Simonyan, who called for the genocide of Ukrainians. The suspect heads the international mouthpiece of the kremlin - the RT channel and is part of putin's media pool", - the message says.

Among the new documented crimes of the suspect are public calls by Simonyan for the mass murder of Ukrainian children in December 2023. In addition, the russian propagandist has repeatedly advocated for the continuation of missile and bomb strikes on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

The suspect regularly spreads kremlin narratives in the form of "author's" messages on her own Telegram channel and on the air of russian television channels. This primarily concerns her participation in the television program of another hostile propagandist - Vladimir Solovyov.