Until the investigation is completed, russian officials cannot make statements regarding the connection between ISIS terrorists and Ukraine, but putin has already said everything – peskov 03/26/2024 14:08:09. Total views 270. Views today — 0.

Putin, before the investigation into the attack in Krokus mall is concluded, accused Ukraine of involvement in the killing of civilians. This follows from the response of the spokesperson for the russian dictator, dmitry peskov, to a question about whether the kremlin considers a connection between Islamists and the Ukrainian leadership, headed by the Jew Volodymyr Zelensky.

"I'll repeat once again, as long as the investigation is ongoing, official authorities cannot afford to make any statements on this matter. Although I would recommend rereading the statements made by President Putin over the past two days", - indicated putin's press secretary, implying that the kremlin does not doubt the "results" of the investigation.

As previously reported, putin unequivocally accused Ukraine of involvement in the terrorist attack in the moscow oblast. According to him, the terrorists allegedly tried to hide in Ukrainian territory. The russian side has not provided any evidence to support these statements, apart from putin's words.

Regarding the connection between Zelensky, a Jew, and Islamists, fervent anti-Semites, peskov stated that the President of Ukraine is a "unique Jew, who shows sympathy and gravitates towards a nationalist spirit that permeates the leadership of the Kyiv regime". This statement by the kremlin spokesperson is also not substantiated by real facts.