Queues of 370 cars at Marinka checkpoint 06/29/2016 17:42:23. Total views 1412. Views today — 0.

There were queues of 370 cars at Marinka checkpoint today in the morning. It is reported by the official website of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

"Today in the morning there were 30 cars to cross the demarcation line at Zaytsevo checkpoint to leave the uncontrolled territory and in the opposite direction were 80 cars. At Marinka checkpoint there are 250 cars to enter and 120 cars to leave. Novotroitskoye checkpoint there were 50 cars to enter and no queues to leave. At Gnutovo checkpoint there were no queues. The passenger and transport flow at checkpoints increased over the previous day," - says the report.

In general, more than 25,000 people and 4,300 vehicles crossed the demarcation line that is 5,300 more than the previous day. The number of people and cars that crossed the border is as follows: Zaytsevo – 6,420 people and 1,000 vehicles; Marinka – 5,495 persons and 1,070 vehicles; Novotroitskoye – 5,515 persons and 1,295 vehicles; Gnutova – 3,530 people and 900 vehicles; Stanichno-Luhanskoye - 4240 people.