Ukraine will lose the most reliable ally if the UK moves out of the EU – expert 06/24/2016 21:15:39. Total views 1310. Views today — 0.

The anti-Russian rhetoric will gradually subside in the EU if the UK moves out of the European Union. Expert on international affairs Andrey Buzarov told OstroV about that in his commentary.

"I am an advocate of the fact that Britain will not leave the EU. But if we are talking about a hypothetical cenario, in this case, Ukraine will lose the most reliable ally in the European Union. The UK is a long-time and historical ally of the US, therefore, anti-Russian rhetoric in the EU will gradually subside because Britain is one of the main supporters of Ukraine in the confrontation with Russia," - he said.

The expert believes that secession of the UK from the EU will also affect the implementation of various European programmes in Ukraine.

"It will have an impact on the programmes that Britain implements in Ukraine, including support of the Ukrainian army. If Britain moves out of the EU, it will be difficult to maintain these programmes on a bilateral basis. The majority of Ukrainian programmes are carried out on behalf of the EU member which is the UK," - he says.

Andrey Buzarov stressed that Ukraine would find it difficult to develop bilateral relations with Great Britain.

"Britain is very careful in terms of direct military support for Ukraine," - believes the expert.

At the same time, he predicts that the UK will remain part of the EU, but taking into account the results of the referendum will get more preferences.

"I believe that Britain will not move out of the EU. It is not beneficial for British. Now political and diplomatic negotiations will start between London and Brussels. Britain will try to get more concessions regarding its possible status in the EU. I do not think it is the final decision of Britain to move out of the EU," - he said.

Earlier it was reported thataccording to preliminary results of the referendum in the UK the majority voted for the country's sucession from the EU.