"One of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard". American journalist Tucker Carlson on the interview with putin 03/01/2024 10:17:47. Total views 349. Views today — 1.

American journalist Tucker Carlson has called the statement by russian dictator vladimir putin about the need for "denazification of Ukraine" one of the dumbest things he has ever heard.

He revealed this in a podcast with his colleague Lex Friedman, as reported by American media.

Carlson stated that he completely did not understand why putin called Ukrainians "Nazis" and what "denazification" as a goal for "special military operation" meant.

The russian president's statements about the need for "denazification" of Ukraine were "one of the dumbest things he's ever heard".

"I didn’t understand what it meant. Denazification? Calling them [Ukrainians] Nazis, I thought it was childish", - Carlson said.

When asked why he didn't react strongly if he considered putin's words stupid, Carlson did not provide a clear answer. He mentioned that for a long time, he did not understand what the kremlin leader was talking about, and when he realized that putin actually believed in "Ukrainian Nazism", he thought to himself, but not out loud: "Damn, this just sounds terribly insane". After Tucker Carlson's interview with vladimir putin, russian propaganda dubbed the russian president's verbal flow a breakthrough in the information blockade that would radically change the West's attitude towards russian aggression against Ukraine.