Occupiers shelled 17 settlements in the Donetsk oblast: two killed, four wounded, more than 100 civilian objects damaged (PHOTO) 02/29/2024 12:27:23. Total views 286. Views today — 0.

Russian forces conducted 26 strikes on the civilian population of Donetsk oblast within a day, with a total of 1833 recorded shellings, as reported by the regional police.

"Seventeen settlements were under fire: the cities of Kurakhove, Pokrovsk, Siveresk, Chasiv Yar, the villages of Ostre, Ocheretyne, the towns of Bohoiavlenka, Zhelanne, Katerynivka, Nova Poltavka, Novoselivka Persha, Pereizdne, Piskunivka, Rusyn Yar, Sokol, Soloviove, Stepanivka. Sixty-four civilian objects were damaged, including 30 residential houses, three educational institutions, a cultural centre, post office, bank, administrative buildings, agricultural enterprise, critical infrastructure", - the statement said.

It is noted that Pokrovsk was attacked by four S-300 missiles from russia, causing about 40 destructions, including 15 residential houses. Two civilians died as a result of artillery shelling in Siversk and Pereizdne.

"The occupiers dropped a guided air bomb KAB-500 on Zhelanne - injuring one person, damaging two private houses. In Chasiv Yar, russian terrorists hit a civilian car with a drone. Two residents were injured. Another person was wounded as a result of a missile strike on Kurakhove", - stated the police.

"An airstrike destroyed a private house in Novoselivka Persha. In Yampolivka, it became known about a man who died earlier on February 23 due to an enemy missile hitting his house", - the statement said.