"Not willing to work for the russians": In the Mariupol port, there were 3,500 employees before the occupation, and now there are only 200 02/28/2024 15:00:29. Total views 260. Views today — 0.

In the Mariupol port, where 3,500 people worked before the russian occupation, there are now barely 200 employees, according to the leadership of the seized port in the documentary of the "Peaceful" project.

"No cargo volume means no wages; people scattered. Some left due to convictions, some are not willing to work for the russians, and others are not ready to wait for things to settle here", - the narrative explains.

Before the russian occupation, as one of the employees recounts, about 3,500 people worked in the Mariupol port at full capacity. Now, there are approximately 200 remaining employees from the local population.

Under lawful authority, the port served two enterprises - Azovstal and the Ilich Metallurgical Plant. "The port primarily operated for exporting metal products to countries that collaborated with Ukraine. Now, firstly, there is no production, and secondly, trade connections need to be re-established", - admit the port workers.