Germany provided Ukraine with a new shipment of military equipment, including Vector UAVs (PHOTO) 02/27/2024 10:53:59. Total views 245. Views today — 2.

Germany has provided Ukraine with a new shipment of military equipment, including various purpose armored vehicles and the Vector unmanned aerial vehicles. The list has been disclosed on the official website of the German government, as reported by Militarnyi.

As part of the new shipment, the German government has handed over 4 mine-clearing vehicles WISENT 1 and 4 patrol cars to Ukraine.

The package also includes other demining tools, such as 250 demining kits, materials for defusing explosive objects, and 3 mobile remotely operated demining systems.

In addition, the new package includes 147 night vision devices, 10 reconnaissance unmanned aerial systems Vector with spare parts, 12 SatCom satellite communication terminals, and 22 drone detection and suppression systems.

As part of the assistance, 14,000 155mm artillery ammunition shells were also provided.

The production of 155mm artillery shells DM121. Photo: Rheinmetall.

The publication also noted that the Wisent 1 is a tracked armored engineering vehicle created based on the main battle tank Leopard 1, designed for mine clearance. Its main goal is to create passages in minefields. It automatically marks the demined area so that infantry and other vehicles can pass through.

The Wisent 1 MC is equipped with a 3.5-meter-wide mine plow, a track marking system, an auxiliary winch, and a crane with a lifting capacity of 30 tons.

Wisent 1 MC tracked armored engineering vehicle for mine clearance.

The Vector drone is an unmanned aerial system with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities, featuring an HD-40LV optical-location station with a laser rangefinder.

This type of UAV provides real-time aerial reconnaissance data in an efficient and user-friendly manner thanks to its built-in artificial intelligence. The system also relieves the operator from constant video monitoring.

Built-in algorithms allow for the automatic identification of objects and immediate transmission of key reconnaissance information to the ground. Encrypted porous IP communication sends video streams over a distance of up to 15+ km. The flight time is up to 120 minutes. All of this is incorporated into a compact and reliable vertical takeoff and landing electric UAV.

Unmanned Aerial System Vector. Photo: Quantum-Systems.

As reported, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz opposed supplying long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine, as he believed it could drag his country into a conflict with the russian federation.