Polish Minister of Agriculture wants to ban the import of almost all Ukrainian products into the country and does not want Ukraine to respond in kind 02/20/2024 15:27:58. Total views 273. Views today — 2.

The Minister of Agriculture of Poland, Czesław Sekerski, has informed protesting farmers of his intention to ban the import of almost all agricultural products from Ukraine into the country. Polish media outlets are reporting this development.

In a letter to the protesters, he stated that regulating trade with Ukraine is one of the priorities of his ministry. The Minister mentioned his desire to conclude a bilateral agreement with Ukraine, under which the import of Ukrainian sugar, poultry, eggs, soft fruits, honey, apple juice, and oil would be prohibited in Poland, in addition to grain.

However, Sekerski cautioned farmers that a complete border blockade could lead to the suspension of Polish exports to Ukraine and, consequently, to a rapid reduction in jobs.