"This is about Ukraine. Let's keep fighting" – director of the "20 Days in Mariupol" film at the BAFTA award ceremony (VIDEOFACT) 02/19/2024 13:55:00. Total views 247. Views today — 0.

Director Mstyslav Chernov's speech at the BAFTA award ceremony, where "20 Days in Mariupol" was recognized as the best documentary film: "This is not about us. This is about Ukraine. About the people of Mariupol. I want to keep focus on that. The day before yesterday, another Ukrainian city has fallen. Russia has occupied Avdiivka, and many cities before that. The story of Mariupol is a symbol of everything that has happened. A symbol of struggle, a symbol of faith. Thank you for empowering our voice, and let's just keep fighting", - he said.

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