Error with GPOU’s searches showed that the "radical oppositioner" Lyashko lived like an oligarch only for 5 thousand UAH per month 06/22/2016 18:35:54. Total views 1131. Views today — 0.

Error with GPU showed the public in what fashionable mansion main fighter with corruption, as he calls himself, MP Oleg Lyashko lived for only 5 thousand hryvnia per month.

The day before, in the morning on June 21st, Oleg Lyashko said that General Prosecutor’s Office employees came to his home with a search. As it turned out that the investigations were conducted in the elite houses in Koncha Zaspa. In particular, in the houses of former Secretary of National Security Council and former head of the PA during Yanukovych times - Andrey Klyuyev and former Deputy Secretary of the NSDC Vladimir Sivkovych who lived next to Lyashko. GPOU told that Oleg Lyashko had the same unmarked fence as suspected former head of the Presidential Administration Andrey Klyuyev, so investigators were not mistaken.

The estate, which investigators confused with houses belonging to Klyuyev and Sivkovych are mentioned in the official declaration of Oleg Lyashko in 2015 as rented. Thus, according to the declaration, he rents a house of 549.5 sqm for 60 thousand hryvnia per year, i.e. only 5 thousand UAH per month. Roughly it is the price to rent two-room apartment in Kiev.

GPOU expressed surprise that the radical oppositioner Lyashko was "the closest neighbour of the most odious representatives of Yanukovych's regime."

"General Prosecutor’ Office investigators were surprised by mistake with Lyashko’s house. Simply, no one expected that such a radical oppositioner was the closest neighbour of the most odious representatives of the Yanukovych regime. Now, when going on a search to other regionals, the investigators of the GPOU will be vigilant ... We apologize to Oleg Lyashko for the fact that investigators have confused him with neighbouring regionals. It’s hard to see whose chimney is behind the high fence," - wrote the press secretary of the Prosecutor General Larisa Sargan on her Facebook page.