The draft memorandum with the IMF doesn’t include issue of raising the retirement age in Ukraine – Rozenko 06/22/2016 13:52:23. Total views 988. Views today — 6.

The International Monetary Fund is consistently bringing up the issue of raising the retirement age in Ukraine, but the draft memorandum doesn’t include it. Vice Prime Minister Pavel Rozenko stated that, - informs Interfax-Ukraine.

"This issue is constantly being raised, but we are constantly talking and are trying to prove the International Monetary Fund that our vision of the pension reform is that the deficit of the Pension Fund can and should be overcome not by changing the formula or parameters of the pension system," - said P.Rozenko answering the question whether the IMF insists on raising the retirement age in Ukraine.

According to him, at the moment there is a resource to increase revenues of the Pension Fund at the expense of deshadowing income and increasing the number of unified social tax payers.

"Raising the retirement age will not give any real effect today that can actually reduce the Pension Fund deficit", - said Vice Prime Minister.

P.Rozenko noted that the Ukrainian government did not consider such a possibility and intended to prove its unreasonableness to the IMF.

"This issue is raised, but so far memorandum does not have it. Negotiations are still going on and there is no final text, but we managed to reach a compromise solution to exclude issues of strict peg to raising the retirement age from the text of the memorandum," - he added.