Part of occupied Donetsk may be left without heating due to the stop of the DMP. The self-proclaimed "mayor" hopes to do something 06/16/2016 21:43:25. Total views 968. Views today — 0.

Due to the stop of the Donetsk Metallurgical Plant (DMZ), three regions of occupied Donetsk may be partially left without heating. Self-proclaimed "mayor" of the regional center Igor Martynov recognized that in an interview with the Vecherniy Donetsk separatist newspaper on June 15th.

Responding to a reporter's question, he acknowledged that the municipality could not influence the situation.

"DMP provided heating to a part of the housing of the Lenin, Budenovsk and Voroshilov districts and now the question arose about the heating supply during the upcoming autumn-winter period. Asa few months ago city heating system became part of the state-owned enterprise, we have been unable to operate it," - said "the mayor ".

"Now the question will be solved at the state level. I think that the alternative of heating will be offered to houses connected to the DMP," - he suggested in a cautiously optimistic way.