The ATO headquarters have accurate information that militants themselves shell on the occupied territory 06/15/2016 21:40:28. Total views 971. Views today — 1.

Shelling on the occupied territories is committed by militants with the aim of accusing the Ukrainian side in the disruption of the Minsk agreements on the eve of making decision by the Western countries to extend sanctions against Russia. It was announced today at the briefing in Kramatorsk by speaker of the press center of the ATO headquarters Sergeyi Zhmurko, - reports the correspondent of OstroV.

"The goal of increasing attacks is provoking Ukrainian unist to record these attacks and accuseUkraine of disrupting the Minsk agreements and show the world that Ukraine doesn’t keep its word ... If the Ukrainian side does not conduct them and does not open fire in response or fires with weapons permitted by the Minsk agreements, there are such incidents (attacks by militants onoccupied territories - Ed.), unfortunately," - he said.

As an example Zhmurko referred to recent shelling on the outskirts of occupied Donetsk.

"Recently, from the occupied territory - from Krutaya balka - battery of self-propelled guns turned and fired shots at positions of the ATO forces and made attacks in the neighborhood on the outskirts of Donetsk. And just two hours later, photos of these houses, which were hit by artillery shells, were on the network, there were already representatives of information agencies, including Russian. We have reliable information, we applied the scheme, where the fire was conducted from , we have enough equipment which can determine the distance of fire up to several meters," - he noted.