Man in annexed Crimea was taken to the police for the Ukrainian flag and words "Glory to Ukraine!" 06/13/2016 19:32:17. Total views 1058. Views today — 0.

Man was taken to the police station for the Ukrainian flag which he waved in front of passers-by in annexed Simferopol. A story on the Russian Life TV channel reports about that.

It is noted that 59-year-old Ruslan B. Was waving a Ukrainian flag in front of passers-by with the words "Glory to Ukraine!" in annexed Crimea in Gagarin Park in Simferopol during the celebration of the Russian Day.

After that, as shown by the TV story, the man was arrested by "the police" and they made up the protocol for improper behaviour. When the arrest took place, the man was holding the flag in his hand and said that he had got it (the flag - ed) since the time of the Maidan. The detainee was taken to the police station.

The propaganda channel didn’t specify what the improper behavior meant in that case.