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The topic of self-determination and the future direction of development of the "people's republics" of Donbass has become almost the most discussed in the separatist information space. On the one hand, the propaganda machine reported relentlessly on the unprecedented successes of state building and actual independence of the separatist "republics". On the other – there were multiple materials on how the "DPR" and "LPR" want to be annexed by Russia like Crimea.

Anti-fascist publication conducted a survey of Donetsk residents on how they see the future of the "DPR": as a part of Russiaб as a part of Ukraine or an independent state.

None of the respondents supported the independence "of the young republic" in the course of the survey. The majority of respondents agreed on the annexation by Russia. The video clearly shows how residents of Donetsk are afraid to answer on camera and that they are disappointed with the development of the "DPR".

For example, the first interviewee asked not to film him and the student, who said that she was satisfied with the status of autonomy within Ukraine, complained that it was dangerous to answer such questions.

Meanwhile, Russian blogger and political activist Andrey Nikitin who had recently visited Donetsk saw a different trend. He wrote that residents of the "republic" "cooled to Russians". He defined population’s attitude toward the "DPR" as a young "state" as "sad and ironic"

His impressions of the trip got wind of separatist publics in social networks and some news agencies.

"Donetsk turned out to be a dream of Moscow urbanists: all in spreading trees, lawns, southern bushes and paving tiles. Restaurants have smoking rooms and rabelaisian portions, I was the only one to manage breakfast for 90 rubles. There are a few people in the streets. I would not say that Donetsk is especially beautiful - but it is quite a decent Russian regional center on the background of the many others it looks advantageous. Nothing reminds of the war: everything is very clean and repaired. Artillery was somewhere in the suburbs at night, it seems to be ours. Local drivers have a tradition: If they meet the OSCE or UN car on the road, they show fuck. We became familiar with it very quickly.

The city is full of billboards with Alexander Zakharchenko’s idiotic "quotations" (where from?) like "The people of Donbass – people-workers, people-creators, people-warriors". There are many billboards "Thank you, Russia", but the attitude to Russians is much cooler. Uglegorsk is very destroyed, there is no house without a trace of debris or projectiles along the main street. Luhansk after the fighting is not repaired and gave the impression of melancholy. Everything works except for bars. There are theatrical "customs" (in fact the checkpoint) between "republics". Prices have reached the Russian level and are close to Moscow ones. I’d define the locals’ attitude to young states as sad and ironic," - said Nikitin.

At the same time, the official mouthpiece of the "DPR" declare that "republic" has become one step closer to its recognition. Russian Spring portal reported once again that the Russian FSS had supposedly recognized the "DPR passport" and published an "official" document to confirm it.

"Officially from the FSS: it is possible to enter Russia with a passport of the DPR. Amid the endless discussions on the issue of passports of the DPR and LPR, arguments of supporters and opponents of this initiative, we received information from an official source about the possibility to enter the territory of Russia with these passports. So, we have an official response of the Border Service of Russia on the request on the order of crossing the Russian border. In particular, the response states that the citizens of Ukraine and stateless persons permanently residing in Donetsk and Luhansk regions can enter and leave the Russian Federation without a visa on the basis of identity documents issued by the competent authorities, effectively acting on the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Thus, the passport of the young republics are sufficient document for crossing the state border of the Russian Federation that greatly simplifies life to those, for example, who have lost a Ukrainian passport or failed to get it at the age of 16," – wrote the Russian Spring.

Illegitimate "mayor" of Donetsk Igor Martynov also confirmed that the "republican" passport was recognized by Russia. He wrote on his Facebook page that he had safely crossed the border with the Russian Federation.

"Ten days have passed since the date of the issuance of the DPR passport. There were different opinions on this matter, including criminal liability on the territory of the Russian Federation (as the DPR is not a recognized country). I decided to cross the border of the Russian Federation myself. So, everything was good, forth and back, as they say, smoothly,"- said Martynov.

Eurasia separatist portal also confirmed the "legitimization" of the document, referring to the Office of the Border Service of the Federal Security Service of Russia in Rostov region. In addition, the agency reported that Russia now recognized also license plates issued in the "DPR" and "LPR".

No bread – then circuses

There is another high-profile dismissal in "Luhansk People's Republic". On March 25th, "MPs" dismissed Aleksey Karyakin from the post of the head of the local "parliament" at the extraordinary session of the People's Council of LPR. The official reason is due to "improper organization of the work of the People's Council". It was reported by Luhansk Information Center.

36 out of 50 MPs voted for the dismissal of Karyakin, two – against, two - abstained.

MP of "the People's Council of LPR" Denis Kolesnikov gave the only explanation which was published by all local resources. He said that there was a petition on Karyakin signed by 31 MPs.

"Due to the improper organization of the work of the People's Council and Presidium of the People's Council by Chairman of the People’s Council A. Karyakin, legislative work is carried out extremely ineffectively. The poor quality of legislation leads to the subsequent rejection of the laws by the head of the LPR. Based on the above and in accordance with Part 2, Art. 24 , Part 2 and 4 of Art. 26 of the LPR "On regulation of the People's Council of the Luhansk People's Republic", we demand consideration of the dismissal of A. Karyakin from the post of the chairman of the People's Council of LPR  at the next session of the People’s Council," - said MPs who signed the document.

According to unofficial data, Karyakin is detained now. Users of social networks reported that he was detained when trying to cross the Russian border with several million rubles in cash shortly before his dismissal. Internet users believe that the former head of the so-called "People's Council of the LPR", knowing about the upcoming dismissal, wanted to take the money considering that the Russians would not check the person occupying such a high post in the "LPR".

By the way, in December last year "the head of government" of the LPR" Gennadiy Tsypkalov was dismissed, he had occupied that post since the middle of August 2014. Tsypkalov, as well as Karyakin, was one of those people who were directly involved in the famous storming of the Luhansk SSU administration that grew into the occupation of the part of Luhansk region.

Insight of the inveterate separatist

While powers and sphere of influence are permanently being divided in Luhansk, welfare of the residents of the "republic" is approaching the bottom faster and faster. Well-known military commentator Boris Rozhin, who usually glorifies the "young republics", has recently prepared a detailed summary not of the vicissitudes of the war but of salaries and prices in the "LPR".

"Since prices are like in Moscow, it makes no point to write how much everything is because it is the same, but what I’ll write what I bought:

- Beef liver. Price – 150 rubles, took for 100 rubles;

- Natural milk (not from shops, natural cow) half a liter for 75 rubles;

- Butter by weight (seems to be natural) price 300 rubles per kg. I took for 70 rubles;

- Salo (lard) 370 rubles per kg, I took for 300 rubles;

- Pack of salt - 14 rubles;

- A dozen eggs 50 rubles

- Sausage with salo (I do not remember the name) - 1kg costs 350 rubles, I took for 100 rubles;

- Local round bread - 12 rubles;

- Cookies with nuts covered in chocolate (I want smth sweet too) - 140 rubles per kg, I took for 100 rubles;

- Bananas (2), apples (3) – 100 rubles.

In total (if not mistaken) 932 rubles.

At one time. My mom is disabled. She stays at home all the time. She receives 2000 rubles. The question is - how is it possible?

There is no water. It should be bought. 5 liters cost 30 rubles. You need to buy it constantly. Humanitarian aid includes pasta, salt, sugar, mackerel (canned), tinned meat. But not always. How should people live? Add bills for electricity, utility, local telephone and water (which is not provided). Add bills for mobile communications. As a result, how should we survive? "- writes Rozhin.

He also wondered whether Igor Plotnitsky shared suffering and misery of residents of the "LPR". In addition, Rozhin conducts an audit of humanitarian aid which is supplied by Russia.

"Novorossia comrades ... how to survive? I wonder if comrade Plotnitsky lives so? They give humanitarian aid only to disabled and military. If you are an ordinary person, you don’t have right to it. My mom receives it, she is a disabled person (Maybe I don’t know something, but it is as it is). What should other people do? what should a woman of 50 do if she isn’t a disabled person or a pensioner? how should her family live? ... And another thing – people need some diversity in food, so it’s not desirable to have only tinned meat in the humanitarian aid (I understand that the choice is limited but still people deserve some diversity in food). That’s why humanitarian aid appears on the shelves in shops (as well as on the markets). People want to change tinned meat (to sell it) and buy ordinary herring or something else. There is canned fish in the humanitarian aid but you get tired of it," - laments Rozhin.

Journalist summed up by giving example of the salaries offered on "the official website of the Administration of Alchevsk":

"Alchevskpastrans, head of power utility services - 7074 rubles

Alchevskpastrans, maintenance foreman (converter stations) - 3292 rubles

Alchevskpastrans, washer - rolling stock cleaner - 2756 rubles

Alchevskpastrans, trolleybus driver – 5235 rubles

Achevskpastrans, radio repair specialist, part-time - 2194 rubles

Alchevsk housing-operational association, painter - 5581 rubles

Alchevsk administration of Luhanskvoda SUE LPR, electric and gas welder - 5304 rubles

Alchevsk administration of Luhanskvoda SUE LPR, plasterer - 4420 rubles

Alchevsk – Invest PE, cashier, jobs for the disabled of the 3rd group - 2756 rubles

Gvozdika kindergarten - nursery № 45 of the LPR, Chef, part-time - 1430 rubles

Ulybka kindergarten - nursery № 16 of the LPR, Music director - 3622 rubles."

Review prepared by Ruslan Biryukov, OstroV.