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Borodianka (Kyiv oblast) met me with burned-out russian equipment and crumpled civilian cars. Bullet holes in the windshield show that the shots were aimed.

Packets from the orcs’ combat rations with the inscription "Army Surplus" remind of 2014 in the Donbas, when tanks and mortars for "miners and tractor drivers" were "sold" in putin's "army surplus store".

Against the background of Borodianka, even Bucha looks less affected.

In this gap between two destroyed houses, there were also apartments where people lived. How many of them were buried alive under the rubble is not yet known.

By a twist of fate, the volume of Zweig, soaking in the rain on a pile of rubble of someone's life, is dedicated to Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky. Bearers of the "russian culture" came to the Ukrainian Borodianka...

It is strange that during the month of occupation, they did not knock down this inscription. The building burned down, but the inscription remained ...

The very center of the city. It is not clear how to explain from a military point of view the bombing of residential nine-story buildings and the mining of public gardens.

Before the arrival of the russians, there was childhood in the city... Considering that Borodianka was occupied in the first days of the war, one can only hope that the owners of these toys managed to leave and survived...

Taras Shevchenko was also shot in the head by the "russian culture".

Someone lit a memorial candle...

Photos of happy moments in someone's life get wet in the rain next to a ruined house. Are the people depicted on them alive?

This is the village of Andriyivka, on the road from Borodianka to Makarov. People live in this house. Or rather, in the basement under it. The fence is made of boxes from shells. The soldiers of the "fraternal people" were stationed in this village.

I talked to a local woman. I asked whether the locals were killed - They were killed. The men were tortured at the school where they had headquarters. Then someone was shot down and someone was released. Especially in the end, they saw spies in all. Women were also killed. One old woman with a disability lived in the basement, walked badly and could not even talk right. They got in and killed her. I asked what they killed for, why did they behave like that? - From envy. They have arrived wild. Bicycles were taken out of the yards, they rode, motorcycles… we have gas even in the worst house. And they do not have that. So they acted brutally…”

Shells are lying by the dozens. Now this is a symbol of russia. Matryoshka dolls died along with Zhirinovsky.

There are more things to do now for the grandmother in the garden. You can use caterpillars to make a fence for chickens.

If not for the inscription, not everyone would be able to recognize this as charred human remains.

The russians obviously crushed this car with a tank. One can only hope that the people in the car were already dead at that moment.

Russian World in a natural context. It will rot in the Ukrainian land too…

Serhiy Harmash, Kyiv-Borodianka, OstroV.