Tortures on the conscience of justice. How a mining town was given to the organized criminal gang 05/22/2020 16:35:00. Total views 2529. Views today — 0.

The lines of press releases, especially of the law-enforcement authorities, rarely reveal the real causes and depths of the reported tragedies. Public attention is usually attracted by the fact of the crime itself and some of its most striking details, although, the text that is written at the end of the release, the so-called "back" - backstory, is often much more important.

The recent notorious abduction of a 21-year-old ATO veteran in Pokrovsk is an example. The guy was not just kidnapped in front of his girlfriend and brother, but also tortured, being forced to join a gang of the local criminal lord. This was announced on May 19 by the department of communication of the National Police headquarters in the Donetsk oblast.

"It is known that earlier, representatives of criminal world repeatedly tried to recruit the guy who was a fighter of a volunteer battalion, and then served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine under a contract into the criminal entourage. However, the man condemned their activities and was not going to become a hired criminal. The attackers took the hostage in an unknown direction, where they blindfolded him and tied his hands and legs up with a Scotch tape. The victim was brutally tortured. The kidnappers took the money and gold jewelry of the victim. Then the prisoner was placed in the car trunk and thrown out near the place where he was abducted. The victim was hospitalized with numerous injuries, he is in critical condition", - the police said in an official statement.

These details cause outrage, compassion - in a word, emotions. Against the background of these emotions, the main thing is lost - what made this crime possible, although it simply should not have happened, if real justice existed in Pokrovsk. One fact from the police report leads to such a harsh conclusion: "The police exposed four members of the criminal group involved in the attack on the ATO veteran. These are the repeatedly convicted residents of Pokrovsk, some have 5-6 records of conviction. One of the group's members is an Azerbaijani citizen. Organizer of the crime is a 28-year-old local resident who is accused of murder committed in 2018. Now the case is pending in court". That is, the organizer of the abduction and torture was a member of a group of people with 5-6 criminal records of conviction, accused of an already committed murder (!), but at the same time, being at liberty (!), and still feeling so confident that he decided to publicly abduct and torture the ATO veteran! What is going on in this Pokrovsk? We emphasize - in front-line Pokrovsk, which, it would seem, should be fully controlled by the law enforcement agencies, the military and state authorities due to the JFO and proximity to the front line…

It turns out - and this is being known - in fact, front-line Pokrovsk is controlled by two criminal organizations, which, for some reason, are patronized by the local court. Since 2006, and especially since 2017, the mining town has been shocked by showdowns in the style of the 90s: with murders, arson, gunfights, stabbing, raider attacks, struggle for spheres of influence and control over the local authorities… It is notorious in the city that a criminal war is waged between the "Chekian" and "Mozg" gangs. Everyone knows who is behind these nicknames.

This whole situation was clearly described by our colleagues from the Donbass.live agency last year(!)."Chekian" is "Sergey Andreychenko – a person respected in the city. Besides the fact that he is a deputy of the Pokrovsk city council, he is a perennial candidate for the city mayor and head doctor of the city hospital". "The second criminal lord in the city is Vitaliy Ligach or simply "Mozg", - the colleagues write. They also describe one of the most striking episodes of their criminal war, which, as it turned out, is also related to our case of abduction and torture of the ATO veteran.

"People of Ligach or "Mozg" came to the Agayev brothers, who represent the Andreychenko or "Chekian" clan, for a showdown… The brothers refused to go outside and the fire was opened on their house. The head of the family, who was in the courtyard, was seriously injured - the bullet hit the stomach. As a result, the Agayevs declared the enemy a vendetta, so the shooters hid in Dnipro for some time with the help of their patron Ligach… Showing loyalty to the criminal lords, the Krasnoarmiysk court decided to change the preventive measure to the gunman bandits and sent them under house arrest… The Agayevs decided to restore justice by themselves. One of the brothers shot the abuser of his father Shakhin Beyliarov point-blank in February 2018. 5 bullets became fatal for him and Beyliarov died on the spot. Azar Agayev went to detention center. But the court shows the miracles of mercy again and sends the killer under house arrest", - the colleagues report.

Donbass.live also found out what, or rather, who, unites all these "humane" court decisions: "Each time when the "detention" was changed to "house arrest" for those accused of grave crimes, the same judge made the decision - Tamila Stoilova".

"Well, and while the bandits are at large and run the show, we can only hope that there will be no new victims and showdown will not affect the civilians", - the article of our colleagues, published in February 2019, ended.

But the hopes of the journalists were misplaced. They just could not be equaled because the criminals patronized by the Pokrovsk court still feel themselves like full masters in the city. This fact is confirmed by the abduction and torture of the ATO veteran.

OstroV's sources in Pokrovsk reported that one of the Agayev brothers Azar, who is already charged with murder, but was released by court under house arrest, is, among other things, the arrested career criminal…

"On May 15, at about half past eleven, Igor (not his real name) with a girl and his brother stopped at a gas station, where he was caught by the abductors - elder Agayev, Azar, and three flunkies. Given the numerical superiority and realizing that they are armed, Igor tried to escape, but failed. They pushed the guy into the car in front of his family's eyes, blindfolded him with his own clothes and took him to their base. The hostage's hands and legs were tied up with a Scotch tape, the criminals began to beat him with a stick, having broken the collarbone. Holding a knife to his throat, they asked: "Well, choose what to cut off?". Igor got an ear cut, his finger was vised, cigarette butts were extinguished on his tongue. A string with a golden cross was cut from his neck with a knife. When he did not come apart after two hours of atrocities, more dead than alive, he was taken out in the car trunk and thrown near the place where they had stolen him. Igor was found by his mother, who walked the streets all night long looking for her son", - a well-placed source in Pokrovsk told OstroV.

Interestingly, will the court release the criminals this time too? We, like our colleagues a year ago, will have to "hope that there will be no new victims and showdown will not affect the civilians"? Or will their comrades-in-arms have to protect the volunteer battalions' fighters and ATO veterans from bandits?...

Arsen Hromov, OstroV