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It would be better if there were no TV! I'm talking about the Russian television channels through which we learn all the events in the world and the region. We have only Russian TV channels, so, anyway, most residents of this "republic" get to know all the major events in the world and "the Republic" through the Russian broadcasting.

I do not watch TV often. A little during breakfast, a little during dinner. We stop on the news, listen to it while having dinner and a bit after. In this mode I have seen the banter on Petro Poroshenko fifty times, who wanted to shake hands with Obama, but he did not notice him.

And also the fact that Ukraine brings military equipment to the borders of the "republic". In these moments we aren’t eating but are just silently looking at the screen, on maps, on schematic representation of the tanks, drones and manpower. Then we remain silent for a while, cannot speak, and everyone thinks about their own stuff - about the same that you do not want to say out loud. Ukraine seems to us to be an aggressor country, which is alien to common sense and logic. So, Ukraine is served for us for the first, second course and dessert.

I had a friend who could not tolerate the Ukrainian language, hated Ukrainian dubbing of films and refrained from harsh words only in my company. Now we have everything in Russian. I wonder if he is happy? There are no dubbed films in the Ukrainian language in cinemas, no newspapers and no radio broadcasting in the state language of Ukraine. I wonder if he is happy?

The company, where he worked for ten years, received all parts from Ukraine. His company was a subsidiary of a major Ukrainian producer. I was just wondering how my friend intolerant to everything Ukrainian is doing now? His office is closed. Probably he found a job - his qualifications are in demand at all times. But I wonder if he is happy by the fact that we have now all "made in Russia": television, drugs, goods, military equipment and military themselves.

He's always been from the past, like in that movie where the main character spent 25 years in the basement. My friend is the same, he is a fan of the USSR, of those times, considering them to be the best. As for a young men it is a bit unusual, but tolerable. Now it is his time - we're back in the Soviet times. Only the return is strange – here and there.

We are told from the TV screens and newspapers about the growth of figures and an increase of the pig population and sowing, price reduction and the mass anti-corruption fight. In life, we see "supermarkets", "Narodnyi" stores, unemployment and high prices, that aren’t shown in the news. That is Soviet times aren’t everywhere and don’t concern everybody.

For pensioners the travel fee is half the price. Probably retirees are happy. The drivers aren’t happy as they think that they drive only retires for half price and students free of charge. Drivers of minibuses do not hesitate to say it, for which he received the reply: "They don’t get enough!".

We consume large quantities of all Russia as the only available in unlimited quantities. We get used to Russian analogues of Ukrainian drugs that we are helpfully offered by pharmacists, we get used to the strange taste and the quality of Russian goods (probably we are still spoiled by Ukrainian quality), we will heed the news and perceive the world through the prism of the assessment of the leading Russian news anchorpersons.

Yana Viktorova, Luhansk, OstroV