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The main newsmaker of the last days in the separatist information space unexpectedly was the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. On December 8th he gave interview to the Russian RIA Novosti news agency, he announced plans to return to big Ukrainian politics and added that continually meets the current politicians in Ukraine.

"Many of them are not so shy and so scared as it was, relatively speaking, a year ago. They're comfortable when we meet and discuss the issues", - said Yanukovych.

A former associate of Yanukovych, the "chairman of the Parliament of Novorossia" Oleg Tsarev was one of the first  to comment on intention of the former guarantor. He suggested Yanukovych to become a political instructor in squadron of penalized soldiers of  the "DPR" militants in Gorlovka. Tsarev wrote about that on his page on Facebook.

"On return of Yanukovych into politics. I think that's a good idea. He's expected to be a political instructor in the squadron of penalized soldiers in Gorlovka. But it won’t happen, unfortunately ((" – wrote he.

The "chairman of the National Council of the DPR" Denis Pushilin was skeptical about Yanukovych’s return into the politics.

"Indeed, a strange statement, because personally I cannot not recall any settlement that could support fugitive former President Yanukovych", - quotes Novorossia news.

The famous separatist publicist and blogger Boris Rozhin shared his pretty tough opinions about the prospects of Yanukovych. He is convinced that the fugitive president is not waited for not only in the Ukrainian politics, but even formerly sympathetic people of Donbass consider him a traitor.

“Political prospects of Yanukovych in Ukraine are even sadder than of Azarov and co. And his unpopularity in maidan "electorate" doesn’t matter, but in the southern East he also has a persistent reputation of a traitor, who at the decisive moment dropped everything and fled, leaving people at the mercy of the hunta. Such things are not forgiven and forgotten, though certainly an objective comparison of the times of Yanukovich with situation which the hunta Ukraine brought (where is dollar for 8 hryvnia?) is in favour of the "alive and legitimate".

The Party of Regions in its former form ceased to exist, and repainted into different political colours politicians blame Yanukovych for collapse for the Party of Regions and their own cowardice. He lost part of his property in the period of collectivization after the coup, and because of him the war started in Donbass. Donbass itself, which had previously been controlled by Akhmetov, changed dramatically; the impact of Akhmetov is as it used to be, and completely different people control the region. Therefore, there are no strong points for him, except that the Kremlin intention is to use the "alive and legitimate" for some information activities.

To use him for more serious purposes, in my opinion, is already too late, since his value dropped after the Russian’s recognition of the legitimacy of the hunta. In theory, of course, it can be but he is not the best option for trolling hunta. As can be seen on the situation of the Rescue Committee of Ukraine such a project may exist but not in the mainstream of the general strategy in Ukrainian", - said Rozhin.

Another blogger, who is known in separtistskih circles under the pseudonym "Russorum", recalls in his article about the pre-war "exploits" of Yanukovych and directly calls his "usual Mazepa".

"Let’s recall how Yanukovych behaved during the threat to Russian citizens of Ukraine. After the coup in February 2014 Yanukovych fled from Kiev leaving police officers who swore to him and ordinary citizens at the mercy of Bandera crowd. Not forgetting to take his hard-earned billions the ex-President moved to Kharkov, where he was addressed by the deputies of Odessa, Kharkov, Donetsk, Luhansk and other areas with a request to repel an expanding plague. Instead, Yanukovych finally gave up governing the country and went to Crimea, from where he went to Russia (with the all good, of course). Thus, he left the 20 million voters who gave him presidency to mercy of the fate. Thus, this politician in less than a month twice (!) let down the Russian people. Then we opened our eyes and saw that Yanukovych was not "pro-Russian" candidate but the usual Mazepa, who after getting power not only engaged in the personal enrichment, he spit on Russia, and the Russian people, didn’t prevent the spread of ukraism in Donbass, didn’t cut Ukrainian neo-Nazism which started when Yushchenko was the President. Question is what right does this man have to indicate residents of Donbass region, which is due to him trampled in the Stone Age of Ukrainian missiles, the country in which to live, what language to speak and what heroes to worship ?! The blood of the Russian people is on his hands too. Because of his indecision, Ukrainian shells rained down on the heads of his voters! ... It is clear that neither in Russia nor in the Ukraine his presence in the politics is desirable," - wrote "Russorum ".

But the ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine Nykolay Azarov in the talk with the Russian news service was delighted  about Viktor Yanukovych's desire to return to politics. Luhansk Information Center informed about that.

"What can you say about this? We can only welcome the desire of any Ukrainian politician to join in the fight against the regime that came to power in Kiev by a bloody coup! The current government brought the country to ruin and keeps today only on bayonets, unleashing the country's large-scale campaign of terror and intimidation", - said Azarov.

Odious Russian writer Anatoly Wasserman, who does not hide his sympathy for the militants of the "the People's Republic” is confident that if the presidential elections in Ukraine were held in the near future, the Yanukovych would defeat Petro Poroshenko, - informs the News front information agency.

"I think that if now Yanukovych and Poroshenko were brought to the presidential elections, Yanukovych would won with the score of 9 to 1. This is due to the fact that those who committed a coup in 2014, proved that in their background Yanukovych is even a more serious politician. I do not say that Yanukovych is a very good manager. He had managed the economy of Ukraine as prime minister and as president long and effectively", - said Wasserman.

According to Wasserman, Yanukovych was the best president of Ukraine. However, he will be able to be engaged in politics only in Ukraine.

"Nowhere else will it work. It is precisely for being overthrown, but for what he had done before", - he concluded.

Biden of dispute

US Vice President Joseph Biden visited Ukraine on December 7th. During his visit, he gave recommendations to the Ukrainian authorities how to resolve the crisis. In addition, he also urged Ukraine and Russia to implement fully the Minsk agreements. Several separatist news agencies and publics in the  social networks actively spread comments of the director of the Center of political conjuncture Alexei Chesnakov about Biden's visit and his support of Minsk. This unknown expert argues that Biden did not read the Minsk agreements and support for these agreements is of the declarative character.

"On the one hand, Biden cannot support the Minsk agreements because there is a decision of the Security Council of the UN on this issue. As well as a formal decision to support the Minsk agreements. The representative of the United States voted there - the UN Security Council - for the support of the Minsk agreements. Therefore, it (the call to fulfill the Minsk agreements - OstroV) is not just a mantra, but a call which is basically shared by all the parties. Still, in fact, supporting, on the one hand, on the other hand, the Vice President of the United States shows that he did not read the Minsk agreements. According to the Minsk it is clearly stated: those militias of the republics have to, in fact, become local police"- quoted information agency Novorossia Chesnakov

The commentator of the Ukraina.Ru Alexander Chalenko emphasized in his article, dedicated to the visit of US Vice President in Kiev, the words of Joseph Biden on the federalization of Ukraine.

"On Tuesday, there was an extraordinary, unusual event in Kiev. The Vice President Joseph Biden actually called on Ukraine to federalization. He literally said the following in his speech in the parliament: "It is important to have autonomous, independent states that solve their problems on their own, have their own educational system, the government in the framework of the joint constitution". You can’t interpret it otherwise than "a call for federalisation" due to the use of such concepts as "autonomous states", "independent states", "own government", "own education system". The most interesting is that if the English word “state” would be translated not as "state", but as a "country", it would way more strengthen federalist colouring of the Biden’s speech" - says Chalenko.

The journalist suspects that Biden talked about the federalization not without a reason. According to him, the US has changed the rhetoric because that they no longer believe that Ukraine will be able to get back the occupied territories of Donbass.

"This small "federalist" fragment of the Biden’s speech shows that something has seriously changed in the eyes of the current US administration. What? They have probably realized in Washington that Ukraine cannot have any military victory in Donbass. They all are aware that the Ukrainian army because of its weakness - few people want to fight- is not able to take only Donetsk and Luhansk, but also any other city in Donbass. Moreover, the resumption of conflict there will end only in another military defeat and surrender another city under the control of the DPR and LPR".

The ex-Speaker of the People's Council of the DPR" Andry Purgin in his interview to News Front expressed his opinion about the statement of the federalization of Ukraine, which was made by US Vice President in Kiev. Purgin noted that if Ukraine agreed to federalization, it wouldn’t mean that it would return to the "Russian world".

"The general opinion is that if Ukraine becomes a federal state, it will mean that it will start to move in the direction of the Russian Federation towards the return to the Russian world, and so on. This view dominates on the Internet among political experts, analysts and many others. I don’t share this opinion. For me, it is not very clear what will happen. Ukraine goes to federalization, and fragmentation automatically because it is bankrupt", - said Purgin.

In addition, he recalled the tenth anniversary of the Donetsk Republic organization which was somehow very modestly celebrated in the "People's Republic".

"Donetsk Republic" made certain dynamics possible. There is a certain movement, which does not die with the bearers and there appear new people, the next generation, that picks up that movement", - said Andrey Purgin.

Putin won’t be King

The former leader of the militant self-proclaimed "DPI" Igor Strelkov very harshly criticized Putin's recent address to the Federation Council as the Russian President said nothing about the "compatriots" and "republic". But mentioned "Allah" twice (Christ not a once) and swore "to defeat terrorism". The  Orthodox Moscow is the Third Rome national information and analytical portal reported about that.

"In the hall the creatures with "fish eyes" in unison burst "into long duration of applause" as" the no alternative" did the appropriate pause. No, perhaps it is not even Milosevic. This Yanukovych-2.0", - described Strelkov.

Then he talks about his disappointment in Putin.

"We have never been blind. We just had a hope that the "king" (with a small letter and in quotation marks) will be able to understand his total dependence on the Country and become the King (without quotation marks and with capital letters). But, apparently, he feels only the absolute dependence on his circle. And he serves it" - says Strelkov.

According to Strelkov, Putin will not be able to become King of Russia, at least now.

"Either he didn’t manage or didn’t (even) try. He's just a Russian president. Before him there was alky Boris Yeltsin, to whom Vladimir Putin opened memorial these days, and before him there was Gorbachev. Did you need "to get together" around them? One led war in Afghanistan, and then betrayed our country, the second also betrayed his homeland (do not say anything about the party), but also led "a war": first went to Chechnya, then lost it" - continued Strelkov.

Despite the criticism, Strelkov isn’t going to join opposition against Putin. He simply stops to support him.

"I am not going to join opposition against Putin. Who am I to be in the opposition? Neither a politician, nor a statesman. I'm just a military retiree. Just again as before the "Russian Spring" I stop to support him. But it does not mean I will support now white-ribbon assholes. We definitely have "a different way" and we will always be against them", - Strelkov.

Strelkov also laments the fact that the Kremlin press Ukraine enough. "The Kremlin resembles a boy who was "bullied" for a long time in the street by a group of "criminal" hooligans. At one point the "boy" suddenly jumped out and without a word, hit directly in the face of "boot-licker" of the main hooligan (his own cousin). All were stunned and shocked ... But then, "the boy" shitted pants and instead of "enlarging his success" or even standing on his own, began to "moan" in the style of "Leopold  Cat" and "Enfant Terrible" simultaneously: "Guys, let's live in peace!" and "Accept me in your bourgeois club! Otherwise, I will bite! You see, I'm nervous!" - summed up Strelkov.

Review prepared by Ruslan Biryukov, OstroV