"Well, I asked Russia for tanks, anti-tank artillery and antiaircraft defenses…" Review of separatist publications 06/27/2019 11:26:00. Total views 1428. Views today — 0.

Last week, separatist media assured that "tractor drivers and miners" just do not know how to shoot from Buk at civilian aircrafts. Local journalists became entangled in the number of residents of the occupied part of Donetsk oblast, who successfully traveled to receive Russian passports.

Prove it, chief…

Of course, separatist media could not keep silent about the results of investigation of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing over Donbass in the summer of 2014, promulgated by the prosecutor's office of the Netherlands. However, publications on this topic were frankly manipulative. Local journalists did not say a word about the findings of international investigators, and even less about the facts on which these conclusions are based. Readers in the occupied Donbass were simply not told that Russian mercenaries were reasonably suspected of killing 300 foreign citizens. None of the separatist media found out that the fact that the murderers received deadly weapon in one of the military units in the territory of the Russian Federation and that it was served by personnel of the Russian military was voiced and proved in the Netherlands.

Instead, the "DNR" propagandists actively imposed the view that, allegedly, a group of international investigators who had worked for five years, accused… the pro-Russian fighters of destroying the liner with passengers for political reasons. Well, those "tractor drivers and miners".

The "forces of the "Donetsk People's Republic" could not have been involved in the crash of the Malaysian Boeing in Donbass in the summer of 2014, because the militia did not use the Buk missile systems", - the directorate of the "People's Militia" (illegal armed formations of the "DNR" – OstroV) stated.

"It was also noted that there were no experts in the "people's militia" capable of controlling missile systems of this class", - local media reported the alleged alibi for the militants.

Main military propagandist Daniil Bezsoonov, asserting that the pro-Russian fighters were not involved in the use of complex weaponry, went to even greater extremes. In the trend of separatist manipulations, he tried to show in lay terms that this is all insidious "West that in its manic Russophobia is ready to call black white and white black".

"When it is necessary to accuse Russia of aggression and justify losses at the front, the Ukrainian party, together with the Western masters, unanimously cry out that miners and hard workers cannot effectively fight the regular Ukrainian army, and that this is Russia. When it is necessary to blame us for the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing, then simple miners and hard workers turn into a top-level experts, who can cope with the most complex military equipment, and having applied it effectively, hit the target. I want to remind that the Buk missile system is not an automatic machine, grenade launcher or Igla man-portable infrared homing surface-to-air missile. This is one of the most complicated military equipment with complex equipment inside", - the "people's militiaman" makes an impression that he does not know that nobody attach the hard workers to this tragedy.

But those suspected of destroying the Malaysian Boeing, whose names were voiced by the prosecutor's office of the Netherlands, realizing that they could not pretend to be "tractor drivers and miners", who do not know much in powerful air defense systems, took the position "it's not me, and over there what you see is not my mare". For example, the then "Minister of Defence of the DNR", Russian saboteur Igor Girkin (Strelkov) confirmed on a social network that he had requested not only tanks and artillery, but also antiaircraft defenses from Russia. Moreover, with the crews serving them, that is, with the professional Russian military. Head of the occupation power of the annexed Crimea Sergey Aksyonov was mediator in these negotiations. But, allegedly, no one helped Girkin with Buk…

"Well, let's say, I asked Aksyonov for help - tanks, anti-tank artillery and air antiaircraft defenses. Well, let's say I spoke (about this by telephone – OstroV) from Donetsk. And what? Did I hide something in this regard? The fact that I contacted Aksyonov, or that I asked for help - including the military one - from the Russian Federation? No. I asked… And what's next?", - the militant offers to take his word that he did not receive the desired weapons, and therefore, was not involved in the destruction of the civilian aircraft.

Meanwhile, according to the investigation materials, Girkin's request for military-technical assistance to the "DNR" militants was granted by the Kremlin, what Sergey Aksyonov personally informed him about.

It is fair to say that one of the information channels with the pathetic name "Donetsk Popular Front" acknowledged that the role of the so-called "militias" in the attack on the Malaysian Boeing was limited solely to creating a crowd masking Russian aggression under "civil conflict".

"This year, the Dutch international investigation suddenly identified specific suspects… They immediately started talking about preparing the trial for the "perpetrators"… The list of these "suspects" can be arbitrarily extended, up to the country's top leadership (of the Russian Federation – OstroV). After all, in order to transfer Buk across the border, an entire interdepartmental operation is necessary. It can only be taken in a military unit. This is the Ministry of Defence. It must move to the border along the roads and through settlements. This is the MIA with which such movement must to be agreed. Finally, border security is the prerogative of the FSB. It is clear that not a single officer of any of the listed agencies will take part in such an operation without the approval of his highest authorities. Well, the leadership itself will not be engaged in such a complex and dangerous work without coordinating it with the supreme commander in chief, that is, the president (Vladimir Putin is - OstroV). Thus, blaming the seemingly minor characters, the commission actually accuses Russia as a state of international terrorism. Buk is not Lada, you cannot steal it from a gas station", - the DPF rather accurately reconstructs the entire chain of the act of international terrorism.

At the same time, the author makes it clear with an element of mockery that none of the list of participants they submitted will, of course, give any statements. "Suspicions are not evidence, you can suspect anyone, but the court needs facts… It is unlikely that in the fifth year of its work, the International Investigation Commission "suddenly" discovered the "suspects", "appointed" in Ukrainian social networks in the summer of 2014. Moreover, in order to confirm their "suspicions", the commission found nothing but posts in social networks for five years", - the Donetsk Popular Front once again called white black.

"No passport – pay up!"

There is no doubt that the process of issuing Russian passports to residents of the occupied Donbass by the aggressor country remained the TOP topic in the separatist publications. The last review of OstroV described how, according to the personal order of the "DNR/LNR" leaders, bus transportation was organized for the "new Russians". Last week, it turned out that the "state" concern for those who are eager to join the northern community's spiritual bonds is not so disinterested.

First of all, the occupation authorities themselves chose the right carriers, who were entrusted with the route, unfortunately, promising to become regular for a long time. Secondly, the fare to the border Russian villages was determined, where the points of issue of Russian passports were urgently organized. Local information resources reported that the "passport tour" at a reduced rate would cost $9. It Not big money, but pensioners with their meager pensions will think a hundred times whether they need this passport, because, besides a bus ticket for Russian citizenship, they will have to pay a considerable fee.

But, as people say, not only pensioners live in the occupied territories. Therefore, separatist media were quick to talk about the first successes of "continuous passportization" and hundreds of the "DNR citizens", who have already become "citizens of the Russian Federation". To be true, it turned out that the official speakers, who provided the necessary information to local journalists, did not agree among themselves, and a little embarrassment occurred. In particular, the so-called "Migration Service of the DNR MIA" stated that "as of today, 203 residents have received passports of the Russian Federation on an expedited basis". In turn, the fake "ministry of transport" assured that "it provided delivery to the Russian Federation of more than 300 residents of the "republic". It turns out that if you believe both figures, a third of the "passport tourists" went to the Russian village and returned from Russia without the cherished passports.

The joy of the separatist propagandists from the beginning of the process of finding a "new homeland" was spoiled even more by the restless opposition. The author of one of the Telegram channels took a calculator and made simple calculations. As the phrase goes, not a higher mathematics – it turned out that while maintaining the current rate of admission of documents for Russian passports, granting citizenship to residents of the occupied Donbass will stretch for… 30 years.

"200 people have already received the passport of the Russian Federation. Documents acceptance started on May 7… 7 weeks in total - (28 working hours * 7 weeks) = 196 working hours. 33 passport offices in the DNR - (33*196 = 6468 working hours) 388 080 min / 10 000 (packages) = ~40 minutes for servicing one person. We should understand that propaganda always gives more beautiful figures than it actually is. But even with official figures, the situation is depressing. There are 135 working days by the end of 2019, of which 108 are the reception days = 3024 working hours (33*3024*60 = 6 350 400 minutes. Accordingly, the number of documents received will be ~39 690. The result is above all praise! There are 248 working days in 2020, of which ~205 are the reception days. ~75337 people will be able to file the documents. 2.2 million people / 75337 packages = ~29 years. Every resident of the "DNR" will receive the Russian passport by 2048", - the "telegraphist" is sad.

The review was prepared by Yuriy BOVKH, OstroV