"Family’s representatives are expected to be appointed to all important "DNR" positions after Pushilin's accession... Review of separatist publications 10/16/2018 16:25:00. Total views 1153. Views today — 0.

Last week, the publications of separatist media resembled a carnival of revelations of past and current idols. An imitation of the "fair election campaign" turned into a clear division of local propagandists and agitators into two diametrically opposed camps: the supporters of the pyramid schemes builder Denis Pushilin and for the risen from political non-existence Pavel Gubarev. It is really useful to get acquainted with the stream of compromising information, generously poured by the opposing sides on each other...

"Foreign Governor"

If we sum up the negative publications on both sides, it turns out that all the heroes of the Russian Spring turned out to be, to put it mildly, not heroes at all. Naturally, the unlucky candidate for the "head of the DNR", "the people's governor" got the most hate. The stickiest cliché was the accusation of Gubarev’s loyalty to the Party of Regions and cooperation with the SBU. "He was arrested on March 6, 2014 in Donetsk, taken to Kyiv's SBU pre-trial detention center, where they had been training him for subversive work on the territory of the "DNR" for two months. He had previously been on the hook of the Party of Regions and the local SBU. After the failure of the 2014 election, he was lying low for four years. Unexpectedly, he returned with good funding... The SBU set the task for Gubarev to become the head of the "DNR". In the Donbass, he has to cope on his own...", - Zoloto Skifa Telegram channel voiced the popular, but not so believable, version.

Alexander Borodai, who in 2014 actually picked up the banner of leader of the Russian Spring, hit the rating of the "people's governor" more elegantly. The Russian political analyst, sent from the Kremlin to manage local separatists, focuses on Gubarev's lack of business qualities of a politician and, all the more, his ability to manage the "state". "I'll say it tactfully: Gubarev is a narrow-minded guy, to put it mildly. And everyone in Donbass knows that well. He is not a leader at all, therefore, it's useless to talk about Gubarev's rating. I think that he was allowed to participate (is no longer allowed - OstroV) in the election, because it's not a problem for Pushilin", - he told one of the pro-Russian publications.

Disgraced Strelkov and other has-beens...

Borodai also "showed" the true face of another "knight without fear and beyond reproach", who stood up for Gubarev. We are talking about Russian saboteur Igor Girkin-Strelkov (popular in 2014). "Igor Strelkov (or Girkin)... This moustached elderly woman with some male gender signs, but not the main ones", - that is how he describes "the commander-in-chief of the army of Novorossia".

Girkin, in turn, said that "the first Prime Minister of the DNR" was in fact a very immoral. He found fault with the words of Borodai, who boasted how great it was when he "led the republic". "His words are even more ridiculous - "when I was in charge of the republic"... Boasting is an indispensable part of his "image". The distribution of money received for the needs of the republic from Konstantin Malofeev (a significant part of which he "distributed" to his own pocket), as well as giving interviews to journalists - these were, of course, not his only "public duties". He also talked a lot, drank strong (and expensive) drinks, regularly used "specific" female services and walked proudly with a dozen of heavily armed guards", - Girkin told. "While regularly drunken Borodai slept with prostitutes in the VIP room of a 5-star hotel, we all worked... Alexander Borodai is a man who sold his honor, conscience, and elementary decency", - the Russian saboteur writes.

The next helmsman of the "young republic" was Alexander Zakharchenko, recommended by Borodai. But, as they say, you should talk only good or nothing at all about the dead. In any case, so far, the liquidated leader of the "DNR" has a halo of an innocently killed one. However, in the heat of pre-election rhetoric, for the sake of wit, Alexander Borodai was one of the first to encroach on the reputation of the almost canonized Zakharchenko. In an interview with one of the Russian editions, he explicitly states that the marauders and racketeers had been ruling the occupied part of the Donetsk oblast for four years. And all this happened with the tacit consent of the "head" of the republic. "The system of "Tashkent" was created under Zakharchenko's rule, let's be honest about that. The system was authoritarian, so to speak, with some income from businessmen", - Borodai admitted. Answering the question of a Russian journalist, where the money of businessmen went, the Russian political scientist indirectly confirmed that Timofieyev shared with the leader. "In particular, Zakharchenko financed (for this money - OstroV) a number of divisions of the republican guard. But where else did money (funds from "Tashkent" - OstroV) go, I honestly don't know", - he said. And lied...

In the same interview, Alexander Borodai said that while managing the impoverished "people's republic", the head of the occupational administration indulged in every pleasure. "Yes, there (in his position - OstroV) are some advantages, and Alexander enjoyed these material advantages. There were money, beautiful houses, expensive restaurants and so on. This is not so important. Of course, he lived the high life", - he admitted, but immediately found an excuse for so an indiscreet behavior of the nouveau riche. "But at the same time, Zakharchenko bore a heavy burden of managing the "republic" at war", - the Russian explained.

The King is Dead - Long Live the King

Of course, a good strong dose of negativity fell on the main (and according to last week, the only) candidate for the crown of "criminal lord" Denis Pushilin. Accusations against him were typical. Traditionally, he was reminded of a wild youth in the MMM structure and blamed for non-participation in hostilities.

"He - a man in a suit who has never had a chance to put on a military uniform in a military republic - will have to be washed off of it. He is a non-alternative civilian candidate who is unloved and unacceptable as leader for the population. He is also unacceptable because he has never had a chance to put on a uniform, but there is a war, and people in the trenches receive a clear message from Moscow in the person of Pushilin, who paradoxically won before the election began. The message is clear and violent - the time of military and heroes has passed, it is time for suits. But how? After all, there is a war in the republic! And people in the trenches are asking quite a burning question - "If our time has passed, what are we doing on the front line, risking our lives? Then put people in suits and ties into the trenches, let them defend their homeland", - Russian journalist Marina Akhmedova mopped the floor with the remains of Denis Pushilin's rating. She knows what she is talking about, since, judging from her past publications, she intended to conduct a PR campaign of the most unlucky candidate for the leaders Alexander Khodakovsky.

Another Russian mercenary who calls himself "militiaman of Novorossia of the first wave" Alexander Zhuchkovsky accused Pushilin of being geared towards the return of the occupied Donbass under the aegis of the "Family" of Viktor and Oleksandr Yanukovych. "So, Pavel Gubarev was barred from participating in the election of head of the DNR. However, the situation is somewhat worse than it seems at the first glance. Rejecting Gubarev is not just the reluctance of Pushilin and his supervisors to have a strong competitor in the election. In fact, this is a continuation of mopping up of the system from undesirable elements. As of today, many family functionaries have arrived in the DNR - they are not top officials like Kurchenko, but of second and third echelon who return to Donbass to regain their positions and assets lost four years ago. As far as I know, the Free Donbass movement, the raider seizure of which was made on September 29, was grabbed for the people of the Family, and the appointment of one of the Family's representative head of the Free Donbass social movement is expected in the near future. After the election and "accession" of Pushilin, the appointment of the Family representatives to all significant posts and positions in the DNR is expected… It can be said that todaywe are witnessing the last stage of surrender of the 2014 "revolution gains"", - he prophesies.

The Donetsk Aborigine held his own and was once again carried away by dreams that the lack of alternative, sanctioned by Moscow, was make-believe… "The project of Pushilin's coronation showed signs of strain this week. And the reason is not even in the collusion of his assistant Lavrentyev with the SBU and not in the competence and inconsistency with the declared adequacy. The arrived experts who were supposed to prepare Pushilin to enter the great halls of large cabinets, to ensure his entry into the upper floors of the Russian hierarchy left Donetsk with a diagnosis of complete learning disability. They failed in ensuring the growth of Denis Pushilin, what makes it impossible for him to enter the ruling circles. And this is the main the reason for such an irritable and nervous state of the 99% leader of Donbass ", - he mistakes the wish for the reality.

We will write the appeal

But political consultant (it is unknown whose consultant is he) Roman Manekin was out of touch with reality more than the others. He offered to all the offended with Pushilin and his Moscow patrons … to boycott the "election" of the most important "republican". He posted "A personal appeal to Andrei Purgin, Alexander Khodakovsky, Pavel Gubarev, Boris Litvinov, Igor Strelkov and Igor Bezler" on his pages in social networks, calling them "opinion leaders in the Donbass". Manekin invites them "to publicly declare their personal non-recognition of the results of non-legitimate election in the DNR that is being prepared".

"Objectively, the "DNR" is not ready for election of "republican" authorities. It is not ready for them legally (and this is direct fault of the current authorities), institutionally, socially and politically", - he reasonably makes disappointing diagnosis for "the state", built with his participation as well.

Then, the "political consultant" falls into complete inadequacy. "The results of the current election campaign will not (cannot) be recognized either within the "DNR" or in any country all over the world. They cannot be recognized because the process itself is devoid of underlying logic, artificial and full of obvious contradictions. They will not be recognized since the overwhelming majority of the Donbass residents are objectively excluded from the electoral process", - he pretends that someone seriously intended to recognize the results of the farce, referred to as "elections" in 1/3 of the occupied Donbass.

"In the near future, the Donbass awaits the fate of the Wild Fields… Russian Spring has no sense in the Wild Fields", - comrade Manekin begins to be friends with the logic for a short time.

"In such a situation, I see no solution other than a mass appeal for the authorities to postpone the elections. Postpone them in order to really prepare and hold, starting with the locals, in strict accordance with international law, internal, verified and proper Laws", - he portrays himself as international expert again. The "expert" addresses the above-mentioned "opinion leaders" on right earnest with the appeal "to organize an Internet petition with an appeal to the Donetsk, Russian and world community".

Denis Pushilin, the Kremlin and world community have not yet responded to this appeal…

The review was prepared by Yuriy Bovkh, OstroV