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On Tuesday, October 13 the results of two investigations regarding crash of the Malaysian Boeing over the occupied part of Donetsk region in 2014 were announced. A Russian manufacturer of air defense systems Almaz-Antey, a missile of which allegedly shot down the plane, presented its version of the events of July 17, 2014. In its turn, the Security Council of the Netherlands announced his official crash investigation data.

Experts of Almaz-Antey said that the plane was destroyed by a missile of 9M38 series, which was not produced in Snezhnoye, as previously assumed, but in the area of Zaroschinskoe village. This settlement was reported to be a disputed territory, so there could be divisions of both sides. The results of the examination held by the representatives of Almaz-Antei were confirmed by two experiments, one of which included undermining the cockpit. It was not Boeing but IL-86 (!) - informed the Russian Spring website.

"We could not find a decommissioned Boeing, therefore, we had to test another aircraft IL-86, the fuselage of which as to the main components is similar to the hit one" - said the general director of Almaz-Antey Yan Novikov.

The final report of the Security Council of the Netherlands that had been waited for more than a year, didn’t identify the tragedy culprit. But Dutch experts noted that the missile had been fired from Buk anti-aircraft missile systems. However, the type of a missile is different from the version of the Russian manufacturer of air defense systems. Despite this, the separatist media announced everywhere that the Dutch report findings confirmed the version of Almaz-Antey. That's what Novorossia agency published at its website.

"The Dutch experts point out that the MH17 was shot down by a missile of 9M38 series by Buk anti-aircraft missile systems from the territory of Eastern Ukraine. According to the Chairman of the Security Council of the Netherlands Tjibbe Joustra, it was a missile of "the kind that are installed on the Buk system" of "land – air" class.

It should be noted that experts of Almaz-Antey identified the precise modification of the missile which shot down the Boeing. According to the version of the Russian experts, it was a missile of 9N314, which is much older than version of 9N314M that is referred to in the Dutch report.

The Dutch also confirmed the conclusion of Almaz-Antey that the missile hit the Malaysian Boeing on the left side".

Another appealing to "militants of republics" resource RIA FAN reported that the missile had been launched from Zaroschenskoe village which had been ostensibly controlled by the APU. But representatives of Almaz-Antey, as reported above, didn’t indicate control of the territory by any of the warring parties.

"Russian specialists managed to define the area of ​​missile launch more accurate. According to Almaz-Antey, it was done from Zaroschenskoe village which was controlled by the AFU (ed. OstroV). The experts referring to the mathematical calculations of the trajectory also eliminated the possibility of the launch from Snezhnoe.

The Dutch Security Council stressed that Ukraine had sufficient reasons to close the airspace over Donbass where, during the crash of the MH 17 active combat operations were going on.

"We, however, have come to the conclusion that it was necessary as a precaution to close the airspace over the eastern part of the country. The risk for civil aviation had not been adequately assessed"- said Tjibbe Joustra.

He added that the Netherlands had taken into account the comments of the Russian Federation on the crash. "The Security Council of the Netherlands has taken into account comments of the Russian Federation, as well as comments of other countries," - said the head of the Security Council, "- Informed FAN.

A well-known Russia advocate Boris Rozhin in his blog talks about the universe, in his opinion, injustice: "everybody is worried about Boeing but nobody thinks of the victims of the AFU".

"The report of the Security Council of the Netherlands on "Boeing" in its substantive part looks much less serious than in all of its previous announcements. In fact, it did not answer the most important questions that are promised to be covered in the next reports concerning the criminal part of the investigation.

Today's report was accurate only in few details. However, they were quite important. The cause of the disaster is supposed to be an explosion of anti-aircraft missile of Buk complex. Everything else is of very abstract nature: it was necessary to close the sky (the stone in the direction of Ukraine), nobody suffered (consolation to relatives).

The alleged missile launch area is also called very vaguely and incorrectly: from the territory of Eastern Ukraine. The area, which is indicated in the report, is questioned in the report itself and refers to the second investigation, the results of which are expected to be announced in February.

In general it was as always, the trailer was more informative and meaningful than the movie itself...

... And the second point is that if a peaceful citizen gets on a plane and killed, all progressive humanity is interested in his fate. In this respect candid acts of terrorism such as the shooting from Luhansk Regional State Administration and killing (but already on the ground) the same civilians bother and interest nobody. A terrorist pilot just does his job and combats an order and cannot be blamed. The executer has a clear conscience, the organizer has clean hands. It's nobody's fault.

As a result, absolutely identical in meaning events are treated differently and the attitude towards them is diametrically opposite. It's like in Syria there are right terrorists and there are wrong ones. The right ones also shoot at the camera, cut heads, in general aren’t different from the wrong ones. Still, they are somehow subdivided into moderate opposition and radical Islamists".

In his turn, the leader of the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" Alexander Zakharchenko on October 14 spoke about the published report of the Security Council of the Netherlands, dedicated to the crash of Malaysian airliner MH17. He said that “militants” didn’t and don’t have Buk missiles, and blamed Ukraine for the crash. He was also surprised by the fact that experts hadn’t still collected all the pieces of the aircraft, - says DAN news.

"The Ukrainian authorities are responsible for the crash of the Malaysian Airlines passenger liner, as they despite combat operations did not close airspace over Donbass for civilian aircrafts. The head of "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko stated that in front of the journalists, commenting on the findings by the Dutch investigators published on the eve.

"The Commission concluded that the aircraft had been shot down by a missile, presumably by Buk air defense system, but as the Dutch experts said mainly it was Ukraine’s fault. Since the state had to close the airspace over the territory on which combat operations were going on but it did not. This is the main cause of death of these people ", - said the Head of the Republic.

He also stressed that the Ministry of Defense of “DPR” wasn’t armed with Buk air defense system during the summer disaster of 2014 as well as now.

The official representative of the so-called "Defense Ministry of DPR" Eduard Basurin said the findings of the Security Council of the Netherlands were fundamentally not true. His words were quoted at the News-front website.

"Detailed investigations, supported by rigorous analysis and several natural experiments on the Russian side, categorically say 100% real site of rocket launch which is different from the one indicated by the Security Council of the Netherlands. We cannot consider the results of the investigation published by the international investigation group, to be objective and reasonable. The findings are highly politicized and biased. All the evidence has been deliberately tailored to the specified version in advance (ed. OstroV) to accuse the militia of Donbass of involvement in the tragedy", - said Eduard Basurin.

Then he completed his statement with some evidence of guilt of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the crash of the Malaysian aircraft. Eduard Basurin allegedly presented a trophy commander card of the 1st Battalion of the 95th separate airmobile brigade of the AFU, which indicated the starting position of the Ukrainian Buk anti-aircraft missile systems. Russian Spring website reported about that.

"One position is in Gruzsko-Zoryanskoe village which is three kilometers away on the west from Ilovaysk, the second two kilometers on the south from Shakhtersk near Zaroschenskoe village at the marked altitude of 224.8. That is just exactly the site which Russian experts pointed out,"- said the deputy commander.

Eduard Basurin also believes that the international investigation on the causes of the crash is politicized and biased, according to Donetsk news agency. The direct proof of this is the fact that the captured documents, which are at the disposal of the Ministry of Defense of "DPR", were not taken into account during the investigation".

Minsk agreements are extended for 2016

The heads of the self-proclaimed "LPR" and "DPR", after all, signed on Monday, October 12 fake documents to conduct elections in the "republics" in February and March respectively. Thus, they actually violated the "Normand agreements" by the leaders of France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia reached in Paris. Then it was decided that fighters should cancel their illegal elections and local elections in "LDNR" should be held only according to the Ukrainian legislation.

Luhansk Information center website published a decree of Plotnitsky that date of the new "election" was scheduled on February 21, 2016.

"To postpone the day of the first election of local leaders and territories in which they are conducted by the certain decree of September 18, 2015 from November 1, 2015 to February 21, 2016," – states the document of the fighters.

The official media of "DPR", DAN Information Agency, also issued a decree of Zharchenko on the appointment of local pseudo elections on March 20, 2016.

In support of the signed decree Plotnitsky said a day later that "elections in the Luhansk People's Republic will be held and the whole world will recognize them. He stated this on the forum "We’ll win!" – stated in a statement at the website of "Luhansk information center".

"It is crucial that we, the people of Luhansk, choose our own leaders and deputies, and no one else will impose them. You will not see here any political parties, smeared with blood making decisions about "ATO" and blockade, media zombing, bribery CEC that make decisions following the orders from the top. Now (after the decision to postpone the planned local elections from November 1 to 2016  (ed. LIC) community leaders, candidates for the posts of heads of cities and districts have the best possibility  to use reprieve gained in diplomatic battles. During this time they have to learn about their territory more, to complement the pre-election programme with specific projects and plans to invest into the programme all of their knowledge, efforts and opportunities to really change the lives of their countrymen, and we together can look at them more carefully " - said Plotnitsky.

"The future newly elected leaders of the territories will restore the destroyed by Kiev punishers infrastructure, literally resurrect the enterprises, establish new contacts, face responsibility for the mines, factories and fields, schools and hospitals and the people that is our main value and shrine, population of LPR. We will do our best for the electoral process to be open and transparent so that the people of Luhansk win in these elections, the people of Luhansk People's Republic. We’ll win!"- said the leader of the "LPR".

Military commentator Boris Rozhin, better known as "colonelcassad", notes that the postponement of elections in "LDPR" automatically means extension of Minsk agreement for 2016.

"Today the new dates of the elections in DPR and LPR were announced. In DPR elections will be held on March 20. In LPR elections will be held on February 21. Thus, the Minsk agreements have definitely been extended for 2016 and in December Russia and the EU will be forced to endorse the negotiations in the "Norman format" and because they had to fulfill all the points of the Minsk agreements before the end of 2015, and now they will be extended for 2016 as representatives of the parties (the Russian Foreign Ministry or Kuchma) blabbed before. Since the beginning of attempts to put forward Morel’s plan, the idea of ​​extending the agreements Minsk was supported by the EU which has already been publicly announced by Hollande. Thus, without the ability to force a diplomatic adjustment in 2015, negotiations de facto will be simply extended, in the hope if nothing changes till December, then something will change to February or March 2016 and there will be some visible progress in the political part of the Minsk agreements.

So, considering announced dates we will have almost half a year of "exciting" news from Minsk. Accordingly optimistic wishlists with passports and a referendum before the end of the year, as well as plums and cries about the surrender of all things will be postponed until early spring. Because of this the republics will continue to be suspended and fully dependent on the Kremlin's diplomatic course"- writes Rozhin.

It is noteworthy that Russia has again violated the agreements on adjustment of the war in Donbass. So, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on October 14 that the Kremlin was against the return to Kiev the complete control over its border, as regarded it to be blockade of the "DPR" and "LPR". Lavrov said this during the "government hour" in the State Duma. He explained that Ukraine should first amend the Constitution and adopt the special status of Donbass.

"Everything is written: exemption from prosecution of participants in the events, and special rights to the Russian language, in the appointment of prosecutors, judges, and the right to ensure that in these regions there should be people's militia, the right to special economic relations with Russia (ed. OstroV). All of this is recorded in the Minsk agreements. There must be a complete amnesty, free elections should be held, the modalities of which Ukrainian authorities must agree with Donbass, the economic blockade should be lifted, livelihoods in the region should be restored, humanitarian issues should be solved, exchange of prisoners, and so"- concluded Lavrov.

Review prepared by Ruslan Biryukov