Ukraine will not participate in the OSCE ministerial meeting due to the presence of russians 11/28/2023 17:28:32. Total views 177. Views today — 2.

The Ukrainian delegation will not take part in the OSCE ministerial meeting in North Macedonia at the foreign minister level due to the presence of a russian delegation. This was announced by the spokesperson of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oleh Nikolenko, on Facebook on November 28.

"Russia has created an existential crisis in the OSCE and turned the organization into a hostage of its whims and aggression. Under these conditions, the presence of the russian delegation at the ministerial meeting, for the first time since the start of russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, will only exacerbate the crisis into which russia has driven the OSCE", - noted Nikolenko.

He also reminded that russia unlawfully detained three Ukrainians, representatives of the OSCE, who have been in prison for over 500 days.

At the same time, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that Ukraine remains committed to the principles of the OSCE and is ready to continue working with partners to restore respect for the Helsinki Final Act, including based on the implementation of Zelensky's Peace Formula.

It was reported earlier that the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called for the exclusion of russia from the OSCE.