The Russian ambassador said that the military base near the border was built to defend against ... Ukraine 06/09/2016 21:22:49. Total views 1316. Views today — 0.

Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov said that the new military base near the border with Ukraine and Belarus was built to defend against a possible attack of "radicalizing" Ukraine at the Russian Federation. He stated this on the air of Yevropeyskoye Radio.

"What is Belarus concerned?" - he responded to a reporter's question that the deployment of the Russian military base on the border creates tension in the Belarusian society.

Making it clear that the military base shall not be a threat to Belarus, the ambassador said that its construction was a preventive measure in case of an attack of Ukraine at Russia.

"I understand that the Minsk agreements don’t work. Radicalism begins to rise again in Ukraine. Right Sector is followed by new "super right" forces, more radical," - he said.

"We would not like it very much. We need to be able to stop on the border with Russia. It’s just preventive measures," - he said.

When asked if it concerns the fact that "Ukraine will attack Russia", Surikov said: "I think with Ukraine, even though it is weaker, but preventive measures."

As previously reported, the media reported that Russia was building a military base in the city of Klintsy Bryansk region near the border with Ukraine and Belarus.