Concert on moscow’s Red Square on the anniversary of russia's annexation of Ukrainian territories: "Lyube", Shaman, and Baskov will perform as the warm-up act for putin 09/27/2023 09:56:52. Total views 313. Views today — 0.

On the anniversary of the so-called "reunification of Donbas and Tavria with russia", a concert will be held on Red Square in moscow. This is reported by russian media.

The event will feature russian artists who have supported the aggression against Ukraine, its occupation, and the annexation of parts of its territory. In particular, the participation of the band Lyube, Polina Gagarina, Oleg Gazmanov, Nikolay Baskov, Grigory Leps, Shaman, Leonid Agutin, Alexander Rozenbaum, and others is planned.

The highlight of the concert is expected to be a speech by the president of the aggressor country, vladimir putin.