Azerbaijan has launched active combat operations in Nagorno-Karabakh (VIDEO) 09/19/2023 16:07:53. Total views 445. Views today — 0.

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan published a statement regarding "local counter-terrorism measures" by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan on September 19, posting it on the official website.

"As part of the measures, exclusively legitimate military targets and military infrastructure are being disabled using high-precision weapons", - the statement says.

It is claimed that "the relevant information has been sent to Armenian residents of the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan via mobile SMS services".

"At the same time, the population is being warned through loudspeakers, and informational leaflets are being distributed. Protection and security will be organized for administrative, social, educational, medical, religious, and other facilities, the safety of which is guaranteed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan and international humanitarian law. Women, children, the elderly, as well as individuals with limited physical abilities and the sick, will be provided with necessary medical assistance, drinking water, and food", - the statement says.

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan also assures that "humanitarian corridors and reception points have been established to facilitate the evacuation of the population from the danger zone on the Lachin road and in other directions".

It should be noted that the former head of the government of Nagorno-Karabakh, Ruben Vardanyan, reported in his Telegram channel about shelling from Azerbaijan. "We are under heavy artillery fire", - writes Vardanyan.

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