Occupiers conducted night drone attacks in the Odesa oblast 09/07/2023 09:44:34. Total views 111. Views today — 0.

On the night of September 7, russia conducted a three-hour drone attack in the southern part of the Odesa oblast. This was reported on Telegram by the head of the Odesa Oblast Military Administration, Oleh Kiper.

According to him, this was the fourth attack on the Ismail district in the past five days.

"As a result of today's Shahed drone attack, several residential areas suffered damage to civilian and port infrastructure, an elevator, and an administrative building. One civilian was injured. The driver of a cargo vehicle sustained a minor leg injury", - Kiper wrote.

According to the head of the Odesa Oblast Military Administration, the cleanup of the aftermath is ongoing at the scene, and all relevant services are working.

As previously reported, russian Shahed drones crashed and detonated on the territory of Romania.