Russian Shahed drones crashed and detonated on the territory of Romania – State Border Guard Service of Ukraine 09/04/2023 13:37:13. Total views 473. Views today — 0.

Oleh Nikolenko, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, citing the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, reported on Facebook that during a massive russian attack in the area of the Izmail Port on the night of September 4, russian drones crashed and detonated on the territory of Romania.

"This is yet another confirmation that russian missile terrorism poses a significant threat not only to the security of Ukraine but also to the security of neighboring countries, particularly NATO member states. We call on our partners to expedite the provision of Ukraine with additional modern missile defense and anti-aircraft systems, as well as combat aviation, which will enhance the defense of Ukraine's infrastructure and that of neighboring states", - noted Nikolenko.

As previously reported, on September 4, 17 enemy drones were shot down over the Odesa oblast, and fires erupted from the falling debris.