Occupiers demand medical fitness certificates, exempting from conscription, for participation in pseudo-elections 09/06/2023 16:15:43. Total views 217. Views today — 0.

For participation in the so-called "elections" in the occupied territories controlled by russia, citizens exempt from conscription must have a medical specialist's certificate indicating their fitness category for military service. This information is reported by the Telegram channel Donbass.Vazhno citing a corresponding video that has been published online.

According to the reports, this certificate is required to confirm that the citizen is not subject to conscription into military service.

It was previously reported that five days before the "unified voting day", the "DNR" prematurely reported a 43% voter turnout, while the "LNR" lags behind by nearly half.

It was also previously reported that russians have suspended the evacuation of Ukrainians from the occupied territories until the conclusion of the "elections".