Five days before the "unified voting day", the "DNR" reported an early turnout of 43%. The "LNR" is lagging behind by almost half 09/06/2023 09:45:56. Total views 357. Views today — 2.

The voter turnout for the "People's Council of the DNR" elections, after six days of early voting, stands at 43.01%. This was reported to journalists by the so-called "Chairman of the Regional Election Commission", Vladimir Vysotsky.

"Today, we calculate the turnout only for the territory of the republic, excluding extraterritorial polling stations. The preliminary turnout as of September 5th for the elections to the People's Council is 43.01%", - he noted.

According to Vysotsky, the turnout for the elections to the "local self-government bodies" allegedly exceeded 44%.

The "LNR Election Commission" claims that the turnout for residents as of September 5th was 24.52%.

As previously reported, the kremlin organized illegal "elections" to "parliaments" and "people's councils" in the occupied territories of Ukraine. According to russian law, the main stage of the elections takes place from September 8th to 10th. However, in the "DNR", they announced the so-called "early voting" starting from August 31st. In the "LNR", the "expression of will" began on September 2nd.