Donetsk under fire: there are reports of explosions in both the city center and the outskirts (PHOTO, VIDEO) 09/04/2023 17:25:40. Total views 260. Views today — 0.

In the occupied Donetsk, there are reports of chaotic shelling of the the Voroshylovsky, Kyivsky and Petrovsky districts. This information is being shared in local social media groups and by the so-called "mayor" Alexey Kulemzin on September 4th.

In particular, the collaborator reports on the shelling in the area of Rosa Luxemburg Street and Myru Avenue.

"A car is on fire as a result of the shelling near a multi-story building on Myru Avenue", - Kulemzin wrote.

He also mentioned that "chaotic shelling in the center of Donetsk continues. The area around the park with forged figures and Izumrud store is at risk".

Furthermore, residents are reporting explosions in the Petrovsky district.

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