Rozenko instructed to deal with arbitrariness of Brovary department of the Pension Fund that recognized the "DPR" – Rozenko 05/30/2016 18:50:19. Total views 1011. Views today — 0.

Vice Prime Minister of Social Affairs Pavel Rozenko said that the Pension Fund had to deal with the arbitrariness of Brovary department that unlawfully denied to pay pensions to the forced migrants from the ATO area on the basis of correspondence with fake "DPR". It is reported by strana.ua.

Earlier, a Ukrainian citizen resorted to the lawyers of the KrimSOS public organization as Brovary joint administration of the Pension Fund of Ukraine in Kiev region denied to register him for pension referring to data provided by the "Pension Fund "of the Donetsk People's Republic".

"Payment of pension is suspended allegedly in connection with "the restoration of the pension in Kiev district of Donetsk of "the Donetsk People's Republic". To confirm this fact, the administration of the Pension Fund provided a copy of the response to the request (Ukrainian department of the PF - OstroV) sent by the Pension Fund administration of the so-called Donetsk People's Republic," - reported the administration.

Meanwhile, Rozenko said that Pension Fund did not have the right to suspend payment on the basis of any of the documents from the "republic" and now the Pension Fund should deal with the arbitrariness of Brovary department - whether the request was and on which basis they had correspondence.

"It turns out to be very strange: if we can not without a court trial to acknowledge the birth of a child or death on the uncontrolled territory, or at least take note of the data on seniority due to the company reference that are located in Donetsk and Alchevsk, under the pretext that they were issued by militants and we, state bodies, do not recognize any data. However, there was an official correspondence between the Pension Fund of Ukraine and militants which resulted in the fact that citizens were deprived of their constitutional rights. So, what is actually the reason for non-recognition of the documents? Simple budget savings on the most vulnerable segments of the population, those affected in the conflict? It is necessary to give an honest answer this question not only to our own citizens, but also to international partners," – commented on the situation coordinator of the Vostok-SOS Foundation Alexandera Dvoretskaya.