Freedom of Russia Legion and Russian Volunteer Corps offer the residents of the Belgorod oblast to evacuate "deep into Ukraine": allegedly, everything has been coordinated with the AFU 06/05/2023 09:59:38. Total views 468. Views today — 0.

Fighters from the Freedom of Russia Legion and the Russian Volunteer Corps, who are fighting against the putin's army, are offering the residents of the Belgorod oblast to evacuate "deep into Ukraine". It is emphasized that this procedure has been "coordinated with the Ukrainian command", as reported by the Freedom of Russia Legion's Telegram channel.

"Putin's military continues the chaotic shelling of the Belgorod oblast. Trying to strike at our forces, the enemy indiscriminately bombards populated areas, disregarding civilian casualties. Today, there were artillery strikes on the settlements of Shebekino, Novaya Tavolzhanka, Murom, and others", - the message states.

"Considering the threat to the civilian population, we have coordinated with the Ukrainian command to open humanitarian corridors for the people of Belgorod oblast who suffer from the army regime's shelling. Therefore, those who need assistance can voluntarily be evacuated deep into Ukraine to provide shelter and all necessary basic needs. To do this, you need to approach representatives of the Freedom of Russia Legion or the Russian Volunteer Corps and ask about seeking refuge", - the legion states.

As previously reported, the Freedom of Russia Legion called on the military of putin's army to lay down their weapons or join them.