Russian security forces shell their own civilian population with artillery in the Shebekino district – Freedom of Russia Legion 06/02/2023 13:43:39. Total views 513. Views today — 0.

Russian security forces in the Shebekino district of russia are shelling the civilian population with artillery, according to Freedom of Russia Legion.

"We have active fighting on the outskirts of Novaya Tavolzhanka village. The regime's forces, just like in Graivoron, show no regard for the civilian population. They are using artillery fire to target any locations where the movement of legionnaires and the Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC) is detected. Near Tavolzhanka, the enemy destroyed a Renault car with civilians, mistaking it for a vehicle belonging to our sabotage group. At least two civilians were killed, and this is a direct consequence of the unprofessionalism of putin's army", - the Telegram message says.

Earlier, it was reported that an ammunition exploded on a highway in the Shebekino district of the Belgorod oblast of russia. Two people were killed, and two others were severely injured.