Metropolitan of Berdiansk and Prymorsk refused to serve the occupiers: Berdiansk Diocese of the UOC-MP was placed directly under the authority of gundiaev 05/17/2023 13:46:40. Total views 475. Views today — 1.

The Synod of the russian Orthodox Church has decided to place the Berdiansk Diocese of the UOC-MP directly under the authority of moscow patriarch kirill (gundiaev). This was stated in a message on the ROC's website.

"Due to the fact that Metropolitan of Berdiansk and Prymorsk, Ephraim, has effectively abandoned his cathedra... the Berdiansk Diocese has been left without a diocesan hierarch... Members of the Holy Synod have decided to bring the Berdyansk Diocese under the immediate canonical and administrative authority of the Moscow Patriarch and the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church", - the Synod's decision is quoted on the website.

Metropolitan Ephraim, according to the head of the moscow patriarchate's administration, informed over the phone that he is "leaving the Zaporizhzhia oblast for a foreign country".