"DNR" admitted that 650 times more civilians died during the war than in 2021 on the territory under its control 05/09/2023 09:57:59. Total views 420. Views today — 0.

Since the beginning of russian aggression against Ukraine, 3,791 civilians have been killed in the so-called "liberated" territories. This is stated in the summary of the "representative office" of the "DNR" in the JCCC.

This is 5 times more than in the "republic's" territory within the borders before February 24, 2022, where the occupiers report 736 deaths.

In total, during 439 days of war in the Donetsk oblast's territories not under the legitimate Ukrainian authorities' control, 4,527 civilians, including 135 children, have been killed.

As previously reported by the "DNR" authorities, only 7 civilians were killed on the territory under their control in 2021, which is almost 650 times less than during the "special military operation".